Anal Vibrators

Sex toys are slowly but surely becoming a part of our lives thanks to their incredible ability to treat you with an orgasm you’ve never experienced before. Even though vibrators have been used for thousands of years, they are still taboo, especially in cultures that portray masturbation as a sin. Needless to say, anal play is in a much worse position than vanilla masturbation because a lot of people simply aren’t too keen on butt stuff. Whatever your stance may be, we encourage you to at least give it a thought, because once you feel the wonders of anal stimulation you’ll hardly go back to the conventional type of self-pleasuring.

Anal adventures can be quite fun, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. First of all – preparation is everything! A lot of people decide against booty plays because they anticipate pain and discomfort. While it is true that anal vibrators can make you feel uncomfortable, there are countless methods you can use in order to avoid and prevent that. For example, using a lot of lube is probably the first step towards success, but it’s often overlooked.

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What we offer

The great thing about anal vibrators is that there are many types and variations you can choose from. Therefore, it’s safe to say that we have something for everyone, whether you are looking for beads, thrusting vibrators, or even butt plugs - we have them all. Take a moment and check out some of the most popular designs and see if any of them meets your expectations. It’s important to point out that every model we decide to cover is made of premium materials and is completely safe to use.

The ladies who like experimenting with anal beads would certainly appreciate the flexibility and softness of the Cal Exotics Booty Call Flexer. This model offers three different speed settings and it boasts an incredibly soft design which makes it quite comfortable and easy to use. The waterproof design allows you to have a frisky moment under the shower without thinking about potential damage. On top of that, thanks to its waterproof rating, it’s easy to wash and clean after use. The model requires two AAA batteries and is compatible with water-based lubricants only.

If you’re not a fan of anal beads, perhaps something like the Fun Factory Amorino Dual Stimulating Vibrator might spark your interest. This model is designed to stimulate your clitoris, labia, and G-Spot at the same time! It comes with a simple yet effective removable band that’s designed to allow you to fine-tune the device according to your own preferences. You have six different speed settings and six patterns at your disposal. In other words, this highly adjustable vibrator will make your masturbation sessions much more enjoyable and it will introduce you to a whole new world of extraordinary orgasms.

Contrary to popular belief, men can also use anal probes to enhance their orgasms. While there certainly is a stigma attached to this particular activity, once you try it once it’s extremely hard to decide against it. Prostate stimulation is definitely an endeavor worth trying, especially if you opt for something like the Fun Factory Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager. This powerful vibrator features a 5-speed bullet that can be used both in combination with The Duke or as a standalone toy. The model features rechargeable batteries and is completely waterproof.

Advantages and shortcomings

The biggest upside of anal vibrators is the simplicity of the design combined with incredible effectiveness. In other words, unlike some other cumbersome toys, these are fairly easy to get the hang of and even carry around. The vast majority of the models we offer are compact and somewhat discrete. While anal beads are usually foreseen for home use, butt plugs can be used anywhere thanks to their discreet design.

There aren’t many shortcomings, but you should pay attention to a few things. First of all, you should never invest in sex toys of questionable quality because they are more than likely going to malfunction at some point. On top of that, you should avoid toys with proprietary batteries because once they start giving you trouble, it’s far more complicated to get your hands on a new proprietary battery in comparison to buying commercially available ones. Even though some people don’t consider this to be a massive downside, it’s still worth mentioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Having a vibrator in my anus feels uncomfortable

A: You should never feel uncomfortable using a sex toy under any circumstances. Therefore, as soon as you start feeling weird, it’s recommended that you stop immediately. The most common reason why people feel uncomfortable with anal play is due to lack of lubrication. Make sure you use plenty of lubricant during every session and try relaxing because it makes the anal muscles looser and easier to penetrate.

Q: I find butt stuff unhygienic

A: Most people do, that’s why we pointed out the importance of preparation. Anal adventures should be planned in advance and one’s diet should be regulated at least a day in advance. Some people decide to use condoms during their sessions because it feels a bit more hygienic and it also makes cleaning much easier. Others like the feel of lubricated silicone, and while that’s completely your prerogative, if you’re not using condoms we would recommend being more thorough with the cleanup.

Q: Can I use these toys in public?

A: If you’re an adventurist and like being frisky in public, remote controlled butt plugs are your safest bet. They are discreet, compact, and won’t lead to embarrassing moments as long as you use them within reasonable boundaries. However, if you have absolutely no experience with adventures in public, we would strongly advise against it.

Q: I’m worried that people in my household will find out about my kinky habits

A: All toys are shipped in plain and unmarked boxes for absolute discretion. As long as you don’t open the package in front of your siblings or friends, the content will be unbeknownst to them.

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