Boyshort Panties

If you want to beat the hot summer weather, sexy shorts is surely the first thing that pops to your mind. But rocking these so-called hot pants or booty shorts is not that easy for everyone, so we at HUSTLER Hollywood have come up with a wide collection to suit all tastes and budgets. Understanding how to wear boyshorts appropriately can give you a fashionable look while still allowing you to look all smooth and cool. If you are unfamiliar with this type of undergarments, here are a few insights which will help you fall in love with them!

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What do we offer?

Consider women's boyshorts as the refined, more feminine version of his favorite boxer-briefs. Boyshort panties provide more coverage with the longer cut and they stay in place under every kind of bottoms. It is up to you to choose the fabric, whether it’s cotton, lace, microfiber, nylon, sheer, or even shaping material.

A pair of boyshorts is not only comfortable but also fun and flirtatious. They provide full coverage in a fashionable silhouette; they flatter the figure and serve as a gorgeous alternative to traditional briefs or bikini. We at HUSTLER Hollywood offer chic and comfy boyshorts for both average and plus size womanly bodies. They come in designs ranging from basic to trendy with a broad selection of embroideries, prints, and colors. Those shaping boyshorts are also great if you want to achieve that comfortable, lightweight feel, which provides tummy control under skirts and mini dresses. Whether you start out with just one pair of boyshorts or purchase multiple quantities for a better value, your panty drawer will instantly have that layer of fresh charm added to it.

We also offer kinky versions of boyshorts suited for all bedroom fancies. They come in all sorts of styles, including open back adorned with a bow, cage back lace hipsters, waist-high coquette wet look, and a vac-U-lock stretch-cotton harness. Prepare to command attention and get your partner’s heart racing with our sexy boyshorts offers!

Advantages of HUSTLER Boyshorts

Let your sexy buttcheeks peek with style and get all sassy with your underwear at HUSTLER Hollywood! Since its conception, the boyshorts we have in store have undergone various upgrades and tweaks to cater to everyday demand. In addition to the old-school short style, we also sport popular designs, such as “booty-shorts”, which retain the short look but put a little more sass on the overall appearance. Cheeky, isn’t it?

Another variation we are proud of at HUSTLER Hollywood is the so-called “girlshorts”. It may be partly just a play of words but there is a distinction between different styles and cuts that swing more towards the feminine side. Boyshorts are usually associated with those boxy shapes that provide more coverage while the lower frontal cut and less back coverage are referred to as a “girl short”. Advantages to these designs include:

  • More hip coverage for comfort.
  • The wide side lays flat and doesn’t roll or dig in as a thin side can.
  • Bum coverage ranges from full to cheeky with no “bum floss”.
  • More fabric translates into displaying attractive attributes like details, print, or color.
  • Provides comfort for lounging around the house.
  • Great style for the athletic types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to find the correct fit?

A: Like any other piece of lingerie clothing, a pair of boyshorts should be fitting you well and be properly adjusted to complement your figure. If your shorts are sliding off, that means the shorts have a wide waist, and you have narrow hips. A fine fit ensures that everything stays in place and doesn’t sag. On the other hand, if you see muffin tops popping out, chances are these shorts are not wide enough to fit around your hips, which means that the shorts don’t fit you correctly.

Q: How to determine which outfit matches my shorts?

A: For starters, maybe it's best to avoid any patterned sexy tops if your boyshorts feature print details. Combining dark neutral colors won’t do you much good. Instead, pick a bright colored top to match it with a pair of dark colored shorts.

Your shoes also play a vital part in matching your outfit. Some designs work better than others, such as pairing thigh-high boots that are brisk, trendy, and fashionable or thin boots that resemble stockings. High shoes or stilettos give your legs an elongated appearance, which is perfect for short shorts. Flat tennis shoes can also look superb when paired with boyshorts if you want to achieve that sporty casual summer look.

However, how you choose to wear them is entirely up to your taste, so try all combinations you can think of and see what works best for you.

Q: What boyshorts style am I looking for?

A: While most associate boyshorts with warm summer weather, some types are ideal for other occasions. Take into consideration what you intend to use them for and what you are trying to achieve. Whether you want to emit a more casual demeanor, sexy look or both, note that not every boyshorts is suitable for certain occasions.

  • Brusque white tailored boyshorts will always do you justice.
  • Matching shorts with your top should be avoided, especially if they are patterned.
  • Experimentation with bright and bold colors can get you interesting fashion results.
  • An untucked black or white T-shirt with patterned shorts is always a good combination. Remember to enhance that look with a sassy pair of sandals and quality shades.



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