Classic Vibrators

If you're contemplating on picking up your first ever sex toy but you're not sure what is a good choice for beginners, a good place to start is the Classic Vibrators category. This is your go-to category when looking for an all-around, versatile performer that should be a quintessential piece of equipment for every woman who is interested in exploring her own body and sexuality.

Since Classic Vibrators are so common and popular, you'll find that this is an especially large category with lots of models to choose from. As always, HUSTLER Hollywood will provide you with only the best products on the market, making your choice that much easier. We recommend you focus your attention on the bestselling items first, but feel free to enjoy browsing this category, especially if it's your first time buying a vibrator. Just the purchase itself should be a unique experience that will get you super excited.

You really can't go wrong with whichever Classic Vibrator you end up settling for. Your new device will quickly become the friend you turn to when in need and, before you know it, you’ll start giving it crazy nicknames.

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What do we offer?


Classic Vibrators are convenient in so many ways that, by not having one, you are literally depriving yourself of easily obtainable happiness and pleasure. The choices are broad and cover different uses and needs. You can go with a smaller, pocket-sized unit that is perfect for quick on-the-go action, or with a larger, more powerful model that can be used in the comfort of your bedroom. You'll find that our shop has both so feel free to browse. To help you out, we can recommend a few models.

 For example, the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand Original Massager has been satisfying women all around the globe since 1968. Over the years the original Magic Wand hasn't changed much. Aside from the few barely noticeable tweaks to the design, it's still the same powerful device that's made a name for itself by bringing women to their absolute sexual limits. When plugged in, the Hitachi is able to produce anywhere from 5000 to 6000 vibrations per minute, so beginners beware, this is not your average vibrator. Make sure to start slow and ease into using it.

 If a simple and convenient design sounds perfect to you, the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator is a great pick up. It's made out of high-quality plastic that feels soft and nice to the touch. Adjusting the intensity of the vibrations is easy and done by a knob found on the bottom. This amazing performer will satisfy all your needs guaranteed, and with it being waterproof, you can even enjoy it in the tub.

 For people with an appreciation for the finer things in life, nothing spells out luxury like the Lelo Smart Wand Large Massager. This elegant model is not only stylish but also feature-packed. It comes with 8 settings of pure pleasure that will rock your world and give you orgasms of cosmic proportions. Thanks to its portable design, you can take this gorgeous looking device anywhere, just make sure to charge it up before you leave the house.

 Advantages and differences between Classic Vibrators and other toys

 The perks of owning a traditional vibrator are plenty. They are perfect for general use, both beginners and more experienced users can have a great time using one. They come in all shapes and sizes so everyone can find the perfect model for their needs, and that's just to name a few. Just imagine coming home after a rough day at the office, stressed out and in need of some comfort. In those situations doing something nice for yourself and winding down is the best possible solution. Grab your trusty vibrator and get rid of all that built up tension in your body in a matter of minutes. That's how easy it is to satisfy yourself.

 Regarding the difference between Classic Vibrators and other similar sex toys, the main one would be the intended use. For instance, a G-Spot Vibrator has a specific design that's intended to stimulate the inside erogenous zone of your "tunnel of love". Another example would be Anal Vibrators, which are much shorter than Classical Vibrators and are meant to satisfy another hole entirely. Your typical vibrator is more of an all-purpose device. In other words, they are aimed at a broader audience and can be used in more than one way.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Why are Classic Vibrators also called multifunction?

 A: Most of the models found in this category can do multiple things in different scenarios, hence, they are labeled as multifunction devices. Because of their shape, Classic Vibrators can be used to stimulate the clit but also for penetration purposes. Not to mention that some of the first ever models where intended for massaging sore muscles. We're looking at you Hitachi Magic Wand.

 Q: Can I get shocked while using a vibrator?

 A: While most models are powered by standard AA batteries, some of the more powerful ones, which use a cord, are indeed capable of causing a mild electric shock. As with any other electrical appliance, one would want to make sure to read the instruction manual and follow all safety precautions. Using a wired vibrator that's not waterproof during a bath is a very bad idea. Luckily, there are many models you can enjoy during a hot and steamy soak.

 Q: What is the best model for beginners?

 A: This depends on your masturbating preferences and the level of kinkiness your aiming for. Our advice is to start off with a general-purpose model and go from there. If you want to bump up your experience, feel free explore some of the more comprehensive devices like the Rabbit Vibrators. Either way, with any of our toys, reaching climax is inevitable.

 Q: I can't seem to orgasm during regular intercourse, what should I do?

 A: Simple answer - add some toys to the equation. Bringing in a Classical Vibrator to your bed is perfectly normal and often beneficial. Don't worry about your partner feeling threatened. If there's someone who wants to see you truly enjoy yourself, it's him.

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