Classics DVD

For all lovers of old-school porn - have we got something special for you! Take a journey with us to a world of vintage smut and enjoy some of the greatest titles ever produced. At HUSTLER Hollywood, we offer some of the most delicious content directly from the industry giants to spark your imagination and hit that sentimental note. Classic porn has a feel of its own so if you want to explore that retro glamour, give us a holler and we will ship to you a package as discreetly as possible to preserve your privacy. Shop at HUSTLER Hollywood - your top online destination for high-class vintage porn!

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What do we offer?

We boast an extensive selection of classic smut action when the story used to be just as important as the sex. We offer a homage remake of a story where a young girl inherits some wealth, but times have not been kind to her, as she and her husband have used it all up on luxury. To keep up with the pace of high-class living, they attend lavish house parties yet their relationship is strained beyond hope. Now single, our heroine tries to make it on her own and comes across a card for an exclusive nightclub - and it is not just any club. This is a sex club where kinky fantasies come true. Not only will she experience a sexual awakening, but she will become a star she was born to be. And worst of all - her biological mother she was searching for all her life winds up being a porn legend!

As with all reboots, the production value is off the hook compared to the original, so you will be getting some high-definition action, including 4 saucy sex scenes and a blowjob scene. From masturbation to a group gang bang, this vintage remake has all the elements to get your blood flowing and imagination flowing. Perfect for anyone with special interests who is more into collecting and archiving!

We also offer a six-pack set of VCA classics, which include some kinky Night Shift Nurses who know how to turn up the heat with some salacious girl-on-girl smut. Cashmere and Erotic Nights are loaded with naughty fucking in an evening setting while Latex is all about fetish and kinky sex who love to watch some old school punishment, anal, and more. Or you could just opt for New Wave Hookers who have redefined the meaning of the word slut with style and mouths stuffed with dick.

Advantages of HUSTLER Classic DVD Porn


Classic porn is really hard to come by these days, but we at HUSTLER Hollywood can provide this material at its best audio-video quality possible. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience of porn watching and get your money’s worth. The classic collection on our digital shelves are excellent for huge fans of smut and collectors, so take a lit at our list and see what vintage star showcase movie goes up to your wonderfully aged alley.

The retro content we have selected is charged with cock jackhammering, non-stop kinky action, and has that old-school feel that will feel like a blast from the past for our older viewers. Whenever the horny red light goes off, we at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to provide you with everything needed to take your sex game to a whole new level. Check out our categorized selection of smut scenes and give us a holler when you decide how you are going to spend your decadent evening.

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