Multi Disc DVDs

Avid porn lovers and collectors will enjoy our multi-disc DVD sets, which feature series of some of the best smut in the industry, created by top producers. Take a full-length journey through the world of porn where you will see beautifully crafted content ranging from teens and girl-on-girl action to raw fetish smut, anal sex, and group gang bangs. Wherever your tastes lie, we are here to supply those needs! Take a look at our extensive collection of multi-disc DVDs and HUSTLER Hollywood will send you each purchased material in a discreet, unmarked package directly to your home.

What do we offer?

Will start from the beginning with some good old vintage porn. We have on offer a six-pack set of VCA classics, popular for folks who like a good story, silver-screen-like settings, and flair for drama. This set includes kinky Night Shift Nurses who can really turn on the heat with some salacious girl-on-girl smut,  New Wave Hookers who redefine the meaning of the word slut, as well as Cashmere and Erotic Nights, which are loaded with naughty fucking in an evening setting. And for those who love some old school fetish punishment, anal, and more, the title Latex should be your weapon of choice in this set.

Porn has always made steamy parodies of mainstream films and media. If you really want to go on an adventure, then we suggest you go for Pirates, a three-CD set motion picture, which is regarded as one of the most ambitious and comprehensive adult productions to-date! Shot and mastered in ultra-high definition, this swashbuckling special combines over 300 shots of special effects. But there is more - not only is the production top-notch, but the performance of the cast is immaculate. Pirates is an action-packed, jaw-dropping sex-tale, that will immerse you in the character’s lives and shower you with some delicious eye candy. Arousing hardcore sex scenes, girl-on-girl kink, erotic feelings, awe-inspiring magic, and more from this fantastic Hollywood-like accomplishment.

Do you like Top Gun, an American classic? Or would you prefer Top Guns, a deep throttle smut movie that will strap you in a cockpit and fly you to new heights of kink? Fly hard with our pornstar cast as they demonstrate hardcore power in a three-CD set (2DVDs plus a Blueray combo pack) of all female fighter-pilot action. This movie has it all, empowered ladies, unbeatable Navy bitches, and an epic all-girl orgy on - you’ve guessed it - a real fighter jet. Lots of octane, lust-fuelled girls, turbulent combat scenes, and some of the nastiest hardcore sex scene you have ever seen! And not just that - the DVD set also includes special features, such as special bonus trailer, 16:9 widescreen format, deleted scenes, bloopers, behind the scenes, and more.


Advantages of HUSTLER Multi Disc DVD Porn

If you want hours and hours of raw salacious porn, we at HUSTLER Hollywood can supply you with extensive hot content that is worth your every penny. The CD sets we have in store feature the best audio-video quality, extra scenes and special material that will immerse you in the production process and all your favorite pronstar’s insights. Now that is some luxury cinema from the comfort of your very own home! Check out our multi-disc DVD collection and let us know what sex-fuelled story is worth your time and money.

Another excellent feature to our multi-disc DVD porn is that you get a star showcase that lets you get you closer to the actors of the industry by viewing all that extra content. See what they think and feel about their work to learn how the industry operates and what is expected of each individual to succeed. That, and more for your convenience at HUSTLER Hollywood!