Couples DVD

If you've been in a relationship for a long period of time, chances are that the excitement and the feeling of newness have withered away. Relationship slumps are a common occurrence but definitely not something you should ignore. Let's be honest, It has happened to every one of us at least once. In the beginning, everything was spontaneous. The sex was new and felt great right from the get-go. You had so much to talk about, until, suddenly, everything just became the same old routine. Now, you might be asking yourself who's fault is this, but instead, you should be looking for a solution.

Thankfully, here at HUSTLER Hollywood, we specialize in bringing back the spark to monotonous relationships and adding some liveliness to your sex life. If adding new sex toys is what keeps you excited in the bedroom, feel free to check them out, there sure is plenty to go around. However, we urge you to consider a somewhat old-school, but proven method. Yes, we're talking about good old naughty DVDs. Especially those that are perfect for binge-watching on a sexy Sunday night as a couple. Take a quick dive into our collection.

What do we offer?


Couple’s DVDs are a broad category so everyone can find something that fits into the style of porn they prefer. From passionate lovemaking to kinky voyeurism and wife sharing, we've got them all. Fresh new releases, featuring some of the sexiest bright and upcoming stars are just a click away from your DVD player. If roleplaying is your thing, there's no better place to find your fix of costume wearing porn stars, working their magic.

Speaking of which, the swashbuckling sex-tale Pirates is full of dashing ladies running around in sexy costumes while demonstrating their sword fighting skills. This high-budget adult movie is famous for being one of the most expensive projects ever filmed in the industry and features some of the hottest scenes ever to hit the small screen. It can definitely help you and your partner explore uncharted territory and set sail for some very intense orgasms.

If you're more into soap operas with a sexy twist, Games We Play will keep you entertained and horny for hours. A sweet collection of tales of fatal attraction, betrayal, and obsession. Staring lusty pornstars such as Angela White, Valentina Nappi, Alexa Grace, Ashley Lane, and shot in crispy 4K quality. Games We Play is just what you need to remind you how good it feels when you finally get something you've been craving for so long.

If you and your partner have been contemplating on trying anal sex, Dr. Ava’s Guide To Anal Sex For Women will answer all of your delicate questions and give you the much-needed insight on how to properly prepare for your first time. You'll be introduced to the 12 rules of ANAL sex, get a quick demonstration on how to commence foreplay and massage your way into the back door, learn tips and tricks, and much, much more.

For fans of wife sharing, we've got a wicked new arrival titled New Sensations - A Hotwife Is a Shared Wife Vol. 2. This thriller is a collection of 10 seductive scenes, each one better than the last. Gorgeous wives are fed up with having the same old sex with their husbands, so they decide to stir things up and invite a new cock into their bedroom. Find out how their husbands react when they catch them in the arms of another man. Do they freak out or stand aside and observe their precious trophy wives getting absolutely ravaged.

Advantages of Couple’s DVDs

While guys have nothing to hide and consider watching porn a once-a-week routine at least, girls tend to keep it a confidential, and when confronted about it, they would rather see their favorite pair of stilettos get destroyed than admitting they enjoy living out their fantasies vicariously through their favorite actors. It's no secret that watching other people have sex can be very arousing, it's just that, for some reason, the stigma attached to women watching porn still exists. So what better way to shed the shame than to support your better half and do it together? Watching quality porn filmed in amazing HD and 4K format will not only get both of you in the zone for sex but also break any communication barriers that you might have in your relationship. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two, pick up a few tricks and discover a new position that you weren't aware even existed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I ask my partner to watch porn with me without being misinterpreted?

A: Proposing watching porn together could be sketchy for a number of reasons, depending on how open-minded your partner is. Some might take it the wrong way because it can give the impression that you think his or her skills in the sack are lackluster. Others might think that you are not attracted to them and would rather watch another person get naked. That being said, you should still do it and the best way to approach this kind of situations is being open about it. Explain to your partner all the advantages of watching porn together and be patient. They will get around to doing it eventually. Before you know it, it will even become a habit.

Q: How to select the right adult movie?

A: Personal preference aside, you can't really go wrong with any of the titles we offer in our online store. They are all premium content, fresh from the studio and into your bedroom. If it's your first time watching an adult movie together, a safe pick would be something more classic. From there on you can move to the more niche stuff.

Q: What's the purpose of watching porn together?

A: The main goal is getting to know each other on a sexual and personal level. On top of that, the excitement and novelty can easily lead to some spicy action. Think of it as an interesting addition to your foreplay, just like restraints or blindfolds.