Hustler Bodystockings

Bodystockings are one of most commonly ignored lingeries in an adult woman’s wardrobe and we at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to rectify that fact. What is exciting about this piece of clothing is that it envelops the body in a sexy fashion and highlights desirable features. If you want to enhance your sexual appeal, boost your confidence, surprise that special someone, or just spruce things up in the bedroom, bodystockings should definitely be your lingerie of choice.

With over a century of history in the books, this exotic piece of clothing is available in many designs and colors to suit various interests. For instance, there is the opaque type which is very popular due to the comfortable, heavy layer of fabric, which effectively keeps you warm in cold environments. Fishnet bodystockings are for women who wish to achieve that sexy seductive look.

However, if you want something that is even more sleek and clean, sheer bodystockings provide that soft transparent appeal - excellent for evening-wear and rediscovering intimacy. There is a myriad of options out there so experiment and discover which style works best for yo

What do we offer?

To all the ladies who want to turn the heat up a notch - don’t worry, we have got you covered! Whether you are looking for something elegant and classy or you want to get your partner to fall in love with you again, our choice of bodystocking is guaranteed to suit all budgets and fancies.

Women who want something stylish with tantalizing cutouts to drive a man wild should definitely opt for The Criss Cross Bodystocking. It features a tight fishnet pattern that can create that sensual silhouette and the criss-cross straps across the chest work like a charm to complete the overall sizzling look. Combine them with one of our panties with stimulating beads and you have a recipe for looking like a sex goddess.

One of many questions we receive is do we sell crotchless? And the answer is - yes, of course, we do! In fact, women search crotchless stockings more than anything else because they ooze sex-appeal and allow bedroom play to occur without having to take the whole outfit off. It will surprise your man to the bone! They come with all sorts of textures and visuals, so it’s entirely up to you to combine and create your own style.

What is also great about body stockings and hosiery is that they are becoming popular outside the bedroom, too. It has become an everyday attire and you will nowadays see lots of celebrities and fashion bloggers incorporating them to their looks. Just wear them with pants, skirts, shorts, etc. - it’s up to your imagination. Aside from going crotchless or cupless, our store also boasts sexy clubwear or evening wear to make you look like a full-blown elegant woman. Bodystockings which feature long sleeved lace-up teddy pairs can go perfectly with your favorite black bra, layered with a jacket or bottoms to create that sexy, comfortable, and versatile look.

Due to the bodystocking’s economic nylon material, we at HUSTLER Hollywood provide the best bang for your buck. We are well aware such lingerie is made of delicate fabric so we priced our products at a low cost between $18 - $36. Oh, and body positivity is important to us! That is why we also offer plus size bodystockings in a beautifully packaged box for the big girls to look and feel sexy, too. Our lingerie conforms to all curves!

Advantages to HUSTLER bodystockings


The greatest thing about bodystockings is that you can wear them discreetly with any outfit. Decorated stockings can really vamp up your look, as well as hide or even the tone of your skin, body marks, scars, and veins or pasty legs.

Bodystockings may make you look sexy, but they are not reserved solely for your intimate look. In fact, with the right combination of clothing, you can also cover yourself up to look professional in them. Just find a design which, when combined with a skirt, dress, or working outfit, makes you feel elegant and business appropriate. Nothing boosts confidence more like knowing you can rock the serious yet classy look. Oh, and by the way, the open crotch is not just there to make men lose their minds - they are perfect for accessing the ladies room more easily.

And what ladies want the most is to have fine curves which are also tightly shaped and holding fast. Bodystockings can beautifully smooth out any undesirable “lumps” and push the muffin top to create this attractive silhouette of chiseled belly and thighs. There are no bulges, only a tailored uptown look.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much can I reuse my bodystockings?

A: If cared-for appropriately (washing in cold water, not in washing machine) they won’t snag or produce a tear too soon. Bear in mind that they are all made of delicate fabric so anything too rough poses a risk to its durability. It is ideal that your body is moisturized before putting them on as it is less likely to damage them that way.

Q: What are the most popular types of bodystockings?

A: The most popular are sheer bodystockings which are made of a semi-transparent material in a thin knit. Opaque ones are much thicker, which means they are impenetrable by light - making them good for colder weather. Lace is much prettier than the aforementioned types so the accent is put more on design rather than practicality. Fishnet has that diamond-shaped knit which can vary in all sorts of sexy styles and fencenet is similar to fishnet only with larger diamond shapes.

Q: Who wears bodystockings?

A: It is not reserved solely for the bedroom. Yes, it can be seen as a sexual item of lingerie, but it is bought for other reasons as well. In the colder season, it can be used as thermal underwear to help retain body heat. It can effectively define body shape, especially under tight fitting clothing. The fashion industry also loves them so they come in all sorts of designs ranging from simple and regular to sassy and artsy.