Hustler Exotic Wear

Ladies, whether you are dancing at a club or giving your lucky hubby his own private show, the presentation is just as important as your set of seductive moves. You'll want to dress to impress, and what better way to do so than with a sexy piece from our very own Exotic Wear collection. You'll find that our models have everything you might be looking for and more. They won't give you trouble when trying to put them on and they are even easier to take off. Comfortable, yet sexy, your performance will be nothing short of a visual spectacle, and without any hassle.

Our HUSTLER sexy pieces include everything from see-through dresses to unique lingerie sets that you want to save for those very special occasions. The best part? We offer something for everyone's budget so make sure to browse our entire collection.

What do we offer?

Imagine yourself walking into the bedroom, wearing a striking outfit that no man can resist, and radiating with genuine confidence. That is how you will feel while wearing something from our carefully selected collection of exotic outfits.

For instance, the HUSTLER Lingerie Seamless Oval Cut-Outs Spandex Tube Dress is a perfect fit for just about anyone and can take your seduction game to a whole new level. Pick it up in white if you're going for a pure and innocent look or in black when you want to channel your darkest desires and give the night a kinky vibe. The design shows just enough skin to get the juices flowing but it doesn't hurt to match this piece with a pair of sexy panties.

Another great model you also might like is the HUSTLER Lingerie Cut Out Tube Mini Dress. Strapless and sexy, this dress will satisfy even the most exotic tastes. It comes in a naughty black color and is extremely elastic thanks to the materials that it's made of. Wear it together with your favorite pair of black stilettos that perfectly highlight all your sexy features. Once you put this dress on, your lover won't be able to take his eyes off of you. A little bondage game can go a long way so strap him in his seat and tie his hands, while you put on a show he'll remember.

For ladies with a show-stopping, curvaceous body, we have a whole collection of plus size lingerie, including some very exotic pieces. For instance, the HUSTLER Lingerie Plus Size Contrast Lace Trim Crochet Halter Mini Dress is a good example of how a little bit of pink lace can turn a simple negligee into an eye-catching outfit that hardly anyone can say "no" to. If your partner catches you sporting this alluring dress, he won't be able to keep his hands to himself. Instead, he'll want to worship your perfect body all night long.

These are just a few models we highlighted for your convenience but there are a lot more extravagant models to check out. Take your time and you will undoubtedly find something that can help you live out the most exotic fantasies.

Advantages of HUSTLER Exotic Wear

It's safe to say that having sexy lingerie ready and prepared for a special occasion is almost a requirement today. For some people, it's part of their everyday wardrobe, others, however, keep a secret drawer dedicated to all their naughty panties and indecent bras. HUSTLER looks to provide for both groups of people and that's why we are positive you'll be able to find something in our online store that suits your lifestyle. You can go for something chic and classy - think of models with a lot of complex lace designs and floral patterns; or you can go with something more on the kinky side - see-through fishnets, coupled with a leather choker. Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear, so pick whichever of the two is to your liking. This, in turn, will have a huge impact on your confidence and how your partner perceives you.

On the other hand, if exotic lingerie is completely new to you and you're not exactly sure where to start, we recommend picking the color first and thinking about the design afterward. Try leaving your comfort zone and explore something different than what you would usually wear; i.e., pick exciting and vivid colors like hot pink or bright yellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes lingerie exotic?

A: To put it simply, every piece of lingerie that you wouldn't exactly wear to dinner at grandma's house can be considered as exotic. In other words, everything that spells out "bold" and "exciting." This is a broad category that features skin-tight dresses, see-through teddies, crotchless panties, and many more exciting models that are nothing short from amazing. Exotic wear is something you should explore when trying to add some flavor to your sex life, especially if things have been a little stale lately.

Q: What does “one size fits most” mean?

A: Thanks to the elastic materials typically used to manufacture exotic pieces of lingerie, we can ensure that customers with different body types can shop with confidence, knowing that the mini dress they just bought is going to be a perfect fit for them. That being said, if you have any doubts about the size of our undergarments, we suggest you take your measurements and then refer to our size chart to find what fits you. We also have a lot of models that come in plus size so make sure to check those out as well.