Hustler Fetish Lingerie

Fulfilling your wildest bedroom fantasies is our calling. At HUSTLER Hollywood, it all starts with fashion and we feature some of the sexiest, naughtiest fetish lingerie designs at most affordable prices. The game of seduction begins with those come-hither ensembles that fuel the fire and put you in the driver’s seat of decadent desires. We boast hundreds of sexy leather sets, costumes, and accessories, which put the attire in Fifty Shades of Grey to shame. Welcome to our elegant online store where sexy and salacious begins!

Vivienne Westwood styled many punk rockers back in the 70s and her provocative and dirty leather designs paved the way to modern-day fetish lingerie. It was not long before fetish style entered the mainstream of high-end fashion and utilized the look the make that shocking, in-your-face statement that promotes individual freedom and attitude. Giovanni Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier took the concept in the 80s and spun it to new extremes on the runways, introducing the kinky underwear as outerwear trend. Leather gloves, knee-high boots, latex corsets - you name it - modern-day fetish lingerie is available at affordable prices here at HUSTLER Hollywood!

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What do we offer?

Want to drive your lover wild with lust, passion, and a little role-playing? There are hundreds of ways to do it and fashion is the main ingredient. This is for all the ladies who love to bring out their powerful and seductive dominatrix side! We have a vast selection of adult lingerie, including lace teddies, strappy vinyl bodysuits, and other kinky accouterments. Unleash your wild desires with our see-through halter teddies, leather sets, vinyl dresses, and more from our collection of exotic lingerie.

Are you feeling frisky? Strap yourself into a fetish costume and let the lascivious games begin. We are here to suit all desires and fancies. With our crotchless fantasy lingerie, you can push your lover over the edge and wake up your inner goddess in the process. Diamond encrusted embellishments, see-through mesh, vinyl straps - we have a myriad of seductive materials and styles on offer. It is up to you to direct the naughty encounter with some fine adult lingerie.

If you want to slap some kink all over your sex life, we boast a selection of accessories and fetish lingerie that can take your decadent fantasies to a whole new level of naughty. We have designs with a spider-like see-through netting that can pull your lover deep into your web of lust. Has your lover been bad lately? Does he or she need a little discipline? If so, check out our BDSM inspired adult play sets which include everything you need to punish their behavior and get things wet and dripping.

Leather, vinyl, and straps are perfect for creating the look of a powerful seductress, so leave behind your everyday clothes and slip into something ravishing at HUSTLER Hollywood. We feature the latest fetish lingerie styles at affordable prices so give us a holler if you want to transform yourself into a sexy domineering diva.

Advantages of HUSTLER Fetish Lingerie


Fetish lingerie is heaven sent for a true femme fatale. The golden rule of seduction is that you have an outfit which sculpts and chisels your body in order to create an otherworldly image. The burlesque and provocative appearances of cabaret divas influenced this look and we at HUSTLER Hollywood want to provide you with the best possible pieces of clothing to honor that iconic style. No conquering seductress is complete without a wasp waist corset. The classic corset is the #1 fetish accessory which pops to mind and here at HUSTLER Hollywood it’s just waiting for you to slip right into it. That or you could just stick pasties on your nipples and grab a whip to show who is boss.

Lingerie also lets partners play into their wildest fantasies in a stimulating and acceptable way. Let’s face it, without lingerie lovemaking would be far less fun than it is. This psychological aspect of lingerie is most intriguing because fantasies that men hold dear in the deepest recesses of their minds is now explorable by anyone who is daring enough to try.

To many women, fetish lingerie also represents attitude - the feeling of control she gets when she reaches her closet. It reflects her mood and allows her to command. One does not feel the same each day throughout the week and lingerie is a perfect representation of how a woman privately feels about herself at the core of her heart.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to care for leather lingerie?

A: Taking care of your leather clothing and lingerie is very important to keep it in tip-top condition. It is vital to follow the care instructions issued by the manufacturer. Some other things that you can do are:

  • Should your leather clothing or lingerie get wet, let it dry at room temperature.
  • Stains on your leather clothing or lingerie should be removed by gently blotting with a clean cloth.
  • Using a repellent product to condition your leather item is also a very good idea.
  • Store your leather clothing or lingerie on a wide plastic, padded or wooden hanger to help maintain its form and shape.
  • Do not store your leather clothing or lingerie in a damp or hot area.
  • Leather clothing and lingerie need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Should you desire to cover your leather when storing it; cover it with a breathable cloth, such as cotton sheets.
  • Do not cover your leather clothing or leather lingerie with plastic. Plastic can cause the leather to dry out.
  • Avoid exposing your leather to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

If leather items are regularly maintained and treated well, they can last a lifetime. The leather is hardened and processed skin and just as you would clean your own, you also need to clean and nourish your leather garments to help retain their texture and durability.

Q: Repairing damage to your leather clothing and lingerie:

A: Should your leather clothing or lingerie get scuffed or scratched, scuff scratches and marks on leather can be effectively disguised by applying some leather dye, shoe polish or marker pen. Test on the inside first to make sure the applied shade isn’t too dark or bright. Ripped stitching is best repaired with a heavy duty sewing machine so best to contact a pro for that. For instance, many dry cleaners offer professional leather repair and cleaning services.

Q: How to store your leather clothing and lingerie?

A: It is very important that you store your leather items in cool, dry places. By no circumstance should you store your leather garments in plastic bags or other nonporous covers and containers. Also, avoid using metal hangers if you want to hang your leather clothing.

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