Hustler Hosiery

No sexy bedroom look is complete without elegant details such as stockings and pantyhose to spice things up. In the world of lingerie, they are simply a must-have for your intimates drawer. What makes hosiery so good is that it beautifully tightens and defines the curves and angles of women’s legs, which makes it an essential piece of clothing for any lingerie outfit. With that lovely shimmery look from iridescent fabric, it creates a sleek, smooth, and elongated effect to your legs - and it is no wonder why women wear them both inside and outside of their bedroom.

At HUSTLER Hollywood, feel free to check out a variety of pantyhose styles designed to complement any lingerie ensemble. Whether you are thinking of wearing a delicate teddy, a skimpy, see-through chemise or even a bold and sensual costume, a pair of pantyhose is always a big plus for the endeavor. Just pick a color, get a pair of come-hither stiletto pumps, and you, girl, are ready to be the main attraction!

What do we offer?

For ladies who wish to give their legs that lovely smooth sheen, we suggest you check out our selection of elegant lace pantyhose. You can find both simple designs made of see-through fabric and embellished designs adorned with floral detailing. Black was, is, and always will be sexy, so you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black hosiery to accentuate your overall lingerie outfit, which can include a decadent corset, elegant lace teddies, and your favorite thongs. However, color can totally make your look exotic, so just pop a brightly colored feather boa with matching high heels to create that glamorous style worthy of a red carpet of sexiness.  

Does everything we’ve said still sound regular for your tastes? No worries! We got extra kinky products to ante up the erotic stakes. What we are offering here are fishnet pantyhose to highlight alluring legs and transform your appearance into the very definition of fun and flirtatiousness. Add a flattering shade of pastels, a hilariously sexy tutu, and you are ready to own any festival you visit. If you want to show even more skin, then try our garters which will surely give your lover a heart attack when he has a glimpse of your bare mid-thighs. The devil is in the details and we at HUSTLER Hollywood are also proud of our selection of crotchless panties, open back cutouts, and cupless tops with easy access worthy of every kinky vixen.

Want to show off your thighs in a sexy fashion? Our extensive collection offers many provocative styles of hosiery that turns every dare into an exciting opportunity for your thighs. Another inventive way to show some skin while still pulling all the threads of attention at your whim is with the sheer suspender. That, and also the lacy garter thigh highs which are designed to accentuate your thighs and create a slender, symmetrical figure of seduction.

If subtlety is your game and you want an outfit with polished flair then we recommend you check out our delicate sheer pantyhose adorned with satin bows or shiny diamonds. Every adventurous woman knows that sheer black is versatile enough to keep things minimalistic and sophisticated as well as elegant and sassy when paired with a sleek fantasy lingerie, such as negligees and thongs. There are many hosiery choices, and it is up to you to find that perfect pair of nylons to compliment your sexy bedroom look. At HUSTLER Hollywood, we have the hottest affordable styles of intimate and kinky apparel so give us a holler if you need a lingerie makeover.

Advantages of HUSTLER Hosiery


What is great about hosiery is that it is great for any occasion, not just the bedroom. With them you got your date night covered, but they are also good for work and everyday activities. Just wear a dress or skirt long enough to hide the top and you are all set for the world. Also, if your job involves a lot of sitting at the desk, comfortable thigh highs will probably do you more justice than your regular pantyhose.

Some women have even said that they enjoy the sassier style more than the regular one because not only does it make them feel sexy, but it is also made without the restrictive or tight material, and they cool down all the right places. Certain stockings can dig into the skin of the thighs, so wideband stockings with softer feel have a practical side, too, no matter the sexiness. Of course, we also have a perfect collection of hosiery for plus size ladies to compliment their lingerie set.

Thigh highs will never go out of style. Even the most classical retro designs will transform a woman into a sexy pin-up gal. Die-hard fans of old-school lingerie know what we are talking about. You can even try our faux thigh-high stockings - this popular selection of full pantyhose come with a pattern or designs which creates an illusion of the thigh-high style. The Great Gatsby movie got the trend back into the spotlight, and let’s not forget the one and only Dita von Teese who brought back Burlesque on a high horse. If you want to look as glorious as her, give us a holler and we will hook you up with some of the finest elegant hosiery there is.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I put on pantyhose without putting a run in them?  

A: The thing about fine garments is that they require special care, otherwise they won’t last long. Whenever you come in contact with pantyhose or any other type of hosiery, try to keep your hands and fingernails smooth. It doesn’t take much to ring them out. That delicacy is what makes them so sexy. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always wear specially designed gloves for handling this type of garment. Oh, and a little lotion also helps. Here’s the gist:

  • Be seated first, and gather the pantyhose with both your hands all the way to the toes.
  • Slip your feet inside one at a time, and carefully start stretching the length of your pantyhose towards and over your knees.
  • Stand up and just guide the pantyhose gently over your thighs.
  • When you reach the hips, stretch the waistband until you feel everything is comfortably in place.  

Q: How do I care for my pantyhose?

A: Lukewarm water and a mild detergent do the trick. Always do it by hand and do not use bleach under any circumstance. Use cool water to rinse your pantyhose and leave them somewhere to drip dry, away from any heat sources. Also, do not iron your hosiery or put it in the washing machine just like that. The only way you can is by placing them in a pillowcase or mesh bag to avoid any snagging and tangling. Set your machine to a gentle cycle mode, use mild detergent, and again do not bleach. Don’t put them in the drier. Instead, just leave them to hang.

Q: How do I know that I am buying the right size product?

A: Your height, weight, and foot size determine your right legwear size. Still, we highly recommend that you move a size up, rather than stay too close to the range limit. Better safe than sorry, especially with delicate things such as hosiery.