Hustler Intimates

HUSTLER Hollywood’s collection of panties is so sexy, it can be a challenge to keep it under wraps.

We have something for every tush style, size, or mood. Whether you need something prudent, or something eye-catching, we got your booty covered. This collection holds G-strings, hi-cuts, sensual thongs, cheeky panties and more. If you need something to support your waist, we offer high-waisted shaping underwear, which will flatten your tummy and flatter your thighs and waist. Comfortable and sleek!

Speaking of style, we offer anything from lace thongs to ruffle boy shorts. Sweet yet sexy panties can be worn every day, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. This collection comes in shimmering sequins, gentle pastels, hypnotic neons, sensual black and red, and eye-grabbing metallics.

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What do we offer?

Not everyone is comfortable with the same coverage level. That’s why HUSTLER Hollywood’s collection has anything from G-strings and thongs, to the average low-rise panties, saucy boy shorts, and high-waisted briefs, for those who’d like to cover specific areas. If you’re a geeky type, you’ll love our superhero briefs, featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Following just behind, are dazzling sheer panties, with sophisticated embroidery.

For big beautiful women, we have some costume panties inspired by classic fantasies, including the naughty nurse and French maid themed G-strings. Since the festive season is just around the corner, you might want to know about our holiday underwear, designed to be unwrapped under the mistletoe. For bad girls who like to bring naughty to another level, we recommend one of our many crotchless styles or some wet look pleather booty shorts. If you’re going for the ultimate sexy look, you can pair our thongs and panties with HUSTLER Hollywood’s collection of corsets, teddies, chemises, camisoles, babydolls, or bras.

With our collection, you can create an unlimited number of hot looks. We made the mixing and matching even easier, with affordable prices, meant to make it easy on your wallet. It’s up to you to create a genuinely provocative look, that will make you feel like a triumphant sexy goddess.

Advantages of HUSTLER Intimates

Our collection is truly hard to resist, thanks to its intricate details and the right amount of naughty. We at HUSTLER Hollywood want you to feel as gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy as you truly are! We designed our collection on the strong foundations of chic styles and soft laces, made to seduce you. At the core of our collection, a bit of bondage, combined with a dose of sweet subtle loveliness, carefully chosen to be both sweet and daring. Our lingerie will keep you feeling sexy from morning to late at night.

Dive into our collection of luscious and lacy. You can choose the lovely against-the-skin lace if you need a bit of France-inspired elegance and edginess in your life. Let your imagination run wild, from daytime to date night.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to take care of my intimates?


When it comes to washing your intimates, it’s best done by hand (no pun intended). However, if you don’t want to get your hands wet by soaking underwear, it’s best you put your lingerie inside a laundry bag prior to putting it into the washing machine. The mesh keeps your underwear safe from twisting out of shape. It’s important to remember that you should set your machine to the delicates/hand wash cycle. If you own a silk piece, we recommend dry cleaning it for best results.


Sorting out the dirty clothes can be a hard job. So, while it may be tempting to put all into one load, you should know that undergarments should be washed with other delicates only! Sweaters and towels can make a mess when washed with lingerie.


 Sexiness should last - that’s why you should separate dark from light colors. Does baby pink lingerie with dark stains sound sexy to you? We thought so.


 We recommend washing after wearing your piece for two to three times. However, note that you shouldn’t wear bras for two consecutive days. The rubber band in them needs some rest, so it doesn’t get misshapen. Sports bras need to be washed after every wear, the same as your underwear.


There are times when your bra should be hooked even when you’re not wearing it. By hooking all your bras together upon washing, you prevent any hook-related damage to your other delicates. Also, it prevents the twisting of rear parts and straps.


Squeezing the water from the padded parts of your lingerie requires a special technique: you need to place your slightly curved palm against the inside lining of the pad. Then gently apply pressure with the other hand from the other side, and you’ll notice all the extra water being squeezed out.


Not only your garments but also your hands will be grateful for this tip. Detergents formulated for delicates do not contain harsh chemicals that are capable of damaging delicate fabrics.


Prior to rinsing out, you should soak your undergarments for 10-15 minutes. When rinsing them, use cold water throughout. Hot water can damage delicate fabrics, elastics, and spandex in your undergarments.


 Too hot for heat rule for our collection continues post-wear and post-wash. Your delicates should never be thrown into a tumble dryer, as it can damage them the same way as hot water, maybe even worse. If you don’t want your underwear to shrink, and your lingeries misshapen, you should air dry them or place them on a towel. Should we mention that ironing is not required? In case we should - no ironing is required.


The last, but not the least important step of caring for your garment is how you should store it.

All the undergarments should be stored properly. If they are padded or contain wires, you need to pay extra attention, so the next time you wear them, they still flatter your body like the first time.

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