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Not only is our goal to supply you with some of the sexiest, top-produced porn videos, but we also strive to give you some mentorship with our ample selection of instructional videos. They are deeply educational and can help you put those sexual fantasies to practice in order to turn them into reality. We at HUSTLER Hollywood believe sexuality is all about freedom and exploration, so feel free to check out our list of instructional videos to see what part of your sex life needs revamping. Our content is supplied directly from top adult movie producers and we ship our packages discreetly in respect to your privacy.

What do we offer?

Here at HUSTLER Hollywood, you’ll find the finest selection of instructional DVD’s where even the most skilled can find tips and tricks to sauce up their sex life. If you’re thinking about introducing another person or another hole into the game, you’ll find guides that will help you be more confident with the decision. We carefully select our content and if we choose something to be included in our collection, it means it’s both hot and educational.

We get our instructional DVDs from only the best adult movie production companies, and we guarantee a discreet worldwide shipping for every purchase. Shop your instructional DVD today and start leveling those sex skills of yours!

For those looking to explore more holes than one, we have DVD’s that will help you learn all about anal sex and how to enjoy it to the fullest. Anal sex doesn’t have to be painful and something you’re bound to see only on your screen. With this guide, take anal straight into your bedroom. If you’re a girl who wants to dig a little deeper with her man, you’ll find the guide to anal play for men - a must-read if you want him to have a night to remember, with your finger in his bum. Add a little extra to the game by giving him all the prostate pleasure he deserves with our guide to prostate pleasure and enhanced male orgasms.

Girls, learn how to pleasure yourself with the female masturbation guide, so you can pass the knowledge where it’s needed once you master all the tricks on how to play with yourself.

You may even discover you’re a squirter and find where your G-spot is, so you can navigate your partner later on.

There’s even a mouthful of info on fellatio. All the tips and tricks, different positions, deep-throating techniques that will definitely help you blow his mind and more!

But even before all the magic happens, there’s a part you should master before you try to skip it.

With the guide to foreplay, you’ll improve the most important part of great sex. Learn how to get you and your partner in the right mood with flirting, make-out sessions, and more.

Pleasing a woman is not a hard job if you know which pleasure buttons to push. Learn all the aspects of pleasing your lady by discovering new orgasmic positions, foreplay techniques, and more. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, we at HUSTLER Hollywood believe you can always improve your sex life.  

For couples looking to spice things up in their bedroom, you’ll discover some kinky 50 Shades of Gray stuff by learning to take pleasure in bondage and vulnerability. Enhance the passion with sex toys, food, and some good ol’ spanking.

There’s nothing wrong in being dominated and wanting to dominate. By learning your erotic limits, you’ll find pleasure where you least expect it with the help from our BDSM guide for couples. Experiment with light sadism and masochism such as hair pulling.

Unravel your fantasies about a steaming hot threesome by learning the ins and outs of group sex. You’ll find out that the three-way dynamic is not so impossible to accomplish.

Advantages of HUSTLER Instructional DVD porn

HUSTLER’s Instructional DVD come in high-quality packaging with the best audio-visual quality to give you that complete high-end porn-watching experience. All the instructionals come with optional commentaries, and some hard-core scenes to give you inspiration.

Our extensive search option will help you find content that rocks your boat. Our whole collection is categorized in such fashion that all of your favorite movies are just a click away.

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With an ample collection of instructional videos, you can put sexual matters to perspective and learn how both the male and female body operates. We have guides to oral sex, anal sex, prostate pleasure, sensual BDSM for couples, sex positions, threesomes, and more. Check out our new releases and keep your private sex life up-to-date here at HUSTLER Hollywood!