There are some kinks you just don’t want to, and in fact needn’t, straighten out. At HUSTLER Hollywood, we aim to indulge all the “shades of gray” you may crave, from the light and easy ones, all the way to those darker than the moonless nights. In our store, you will find something for the curious beginners as well as items that even the experienced BDSM lovers might want to add to their collection of toys. As Federico Garcia Lorca once put it, “To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” So don’t keep quiet about it, come to the dark side, and embrace the forbidden fruits. And if you consider yourself experienced in the field, keep reading, we promise you’ll want the quality and refinement of the products we have in store.

What do we offer?


Adopting BDSM as a lifestyle is an exciting journey to be on. On this journey, you will come in contact with a large variety of sexy fetishes waiting to be explored. To find one that fits your desires and fantasies, you might want to do a little bit of research on your part. On the other hand, if you have always had an attraction towards a certain fetish, you can go with your gut feeling and delve even deeper into your fantasies. The beauty of BDSM lies in the freedom to be whatever you want to be and indulge in what you love instead of suppressing it. While there are certain rules imposed that are mainly there to keep you safe, your imagination can run wild. There truly are no limits to how creative you can be.

For instance, there is nothing holding you back to spice up your sex life by adding a little bit of tease in the form of Handcuffs & Restraints. Tie your partner up, leaving them at your mercy, while you explore their body inch by inch. Couple that with Blindfold & Gags, and you add an additional element of surprise, heightening the senses of touch and smell. By combining these two types of kinky toys, the excitement in your bedroom is bound to reach previously unimaginable levels.

Collars & Leashes are an ideal choice for a classic power exchange session. If you and your partner have a dominance and submission relationship, these items should be perfectly suited for your needs. Act out a puppy play scenario where the submissive participant follows the dominant master around while wearing a sexy collar around the neck. The only thing missing in that scene is a nifty leather whip for a well-deserved spanking session. Those dirty deeds can't go unpunished.

For those with a burning desire for Sensation Play, there are a number of items they can use to fulfill their cravings. From body ticklers to drip candles, you will find everything you need to heighten the sensation of all your body parts. Even those who enjoy the sensation of a mild electroshock will find something in the Electrosex category. For example, a high-quality shock therapy kit will be more than enough to shock you out of your pants.

And lastly, how can we forget about the most powerful sex tools out there, the mechanical wonders, also known as Sex Machines. These forceful machines are a necessary addition to one's sexual repertoire if they are in need of a serious pounding. Just don't forget to add some quality lube while using it, else you might experience more pain than pleasure. Then again, maybe that's your goal.

Advantages of Kink Toys

The BDSM community is larger than ever and more and more kink interests are being identified every day. All these fetishes, new and old, would be impossible without the help of certain items. Just imagine indulging in your favorite fetish without having your favorite sex toys at your disposal. It would be quite impossible. That being said, using generic toys without the assurance of their quality is not really something you want to do. Not only that, but they can also be harmful to your body. That's why at HUSTLER Hollywood, we focus on providing our customers with high-quality sex toys and accessories that guarantee the best performance and are rigorously tested to make sure they are perfectly safe for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it strange that I'm interested in BDSM?

A: Absolutely not! To each its own. We are all similar and different as individuals, and we all have the right to indulge in whatever we find pleasure in. It's just a matter of personal preference. Many people suppress their unusual desires in order to maintain an image of a "normal" person in the eye of their partner and their close friends. At least you are being honest with yourself. In reality, you are at an advantage compared to those who keep silent about their needs.

Q: Are certain fetishes more socially acceptable?

A: While you can place fetishes into categories such as light and dark, or easy and more unconventional ones, determining if they are more socially acceptable or not is really not something you should be bothered with. Yes, adding some flavor to your sex by using restraints or blindfolds is more acceptable than much more risky Fire Play. Does that mean you shouldn't do it? Absolutely not.

Q: What are doms and subs?

A: In a dominance and submission relationships, there are always two sides that perfectly complement each other. A balance of Yin and Yang, a dominant side and a submissive side. Figuring out which one are you is a personal journey you will undertake once you start delving deeper into these kinds of relationships.

Q: What is a scene?

A: A scene can be anything from a specially designed sex dungeon equipped with erotic gear, to your own familiar bedroom. It's a fantasy you previously created together, but also an agreement you have with your partner. Before you even start your sexy scenario, establishing a safe word and basic rules of consent are very important. Also, aftercare is something that's vital to making everyone involved feel loved and safe.