Parody DVD

Porn wouldn’t be porn without making fun of pop culture, now would it? There are tons of parodies out there created to show all your favorite superheroes and supervillains in a completely different light. And what light might that be? One of raunchy sass, kinky looks, big dicks, sexy vixens, over-simplified scenarios, cringy one-liners, and hardcore fucking. We at HUSTLER Hollywood boast an extensive selection of porn parody movies, brought to life by some of the top adult industry producers. We ship them in unmarked packages and deliver them to your door - so if you want to laugh and enjoy good sex while you do it, give us a call!

What do we offer?

Just as the original Pirates of the Carribean was one of the most ambitious undertakings in the silver screen industry so was its smutty parody. It was shot and mastered in HD while also combining 300 special effect shots and an original music score. If production was so comprehensive and high-end, what do you think actors were like? Well, this swashbuckling sex-tale is packed with pornstar galore for salacious girl-on-girl action, which will force you to beg for more! It's electrifying, awe-inspiring, dripping wet, full of kinky action, cum, and grandiose sea battles.

If you are more into sci-fi, then we recommend HUSTLER’s (this ain’t) Avatar XXX. Set in a far-away magical world of Pandwhora, our heroes enjoy a sexy adventure full of azure creatures that bring a whole new meaning to kink. Or you might prefer vamped up ladies from Underworld, an erotic masterpiece, which takes you on a journey of breathtaking visuals, tantalizing costumes, otherworldly production design, and most importantly - incredible sex! Follow our hero who wakes up in an eerie underworld and meets provocative mystical characters who guide her to the climactic scene - her meeting with Death. Do you think she lived to tell the tale? Order now at HUSTLER Hollywood to find out!

Of course, there are also tons of smutty gay parodies, which transform our favorite superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, or Captain America into fuck machines who deliver justice by drilling their adversaries’ assholes wide. Watch as muscled up X-Men fight crime with their superpowers and engage in hardcore anal sex to stop the antihero from destroying the world. Spoiler alert: he gets his ass destroyed instead!

Are you into Suicide Squad? Wicked Comix has issued a new XXX title which features some of the hottest DC heroes in an extremely sexy spoof at ultra HD. The all-star cast turns the heat up like no other. You though Harley Quinn couldn’t get sexier, but you are sooo wrong! This parody is so exhilarating, you will be shooting load after load before it comes to an end. Mind-blowing sex performances, our favorite superheroes and villains, revamped story, and so much more. Purchase Suicide Squad XXX at HUSTLER Hollywood before we run out of copies of this successful double-disc collector’s set.

Maybe fantasy or action-hero movies don’t go up your alley. How about parodies where instead of political elections you get political erections? Our feature film ZZ Erection 2016 is all about the live television square off between Hillary Clayton and Donald Drumpf who create a firestorm of personal insults between them. Hillary challenges Donald’s manhood and the small-handed billionaire retaliates by jamming his manhood down her throat while commenting she probably hasn’t had dick in years. Watch how this political sex scene unfolds right after these campaign advertises! Back to you, HUSTLER Hollywood! Order now and see how this erection has been a boon for the nation.

Advantages of HUSTLER Parody DVD Porn

The best thing about these hilarious yet also blood-pumping, eye-popping parodies is that they are created by top adult movie producers, which means you will get a full audio-visual experience at the comfort of your very own home. DVDs also include special features, such as trailers, photo galleries, auto repeat options, and on-off music toggling, so it is a fully-packaged treat for all fans and porn lovers out there.

Another awesome thing is that if you purchase two DVDs, you will get one randomly picked for free. Whether you are purchasing these films our of sheer fun or actually find them incredibly hot (which we understand), we offer an extensive search option to suit all tastes and preferences. With just one click, you can choose a category film which goes right up your sexual alley. At HUSTLER Hollywood, we have got your fantasies covered - signed, sealed, delivered!