When things get a little stale in the bedroom, it's a good idea to try and mix things up a bit by exploring something new and different. Adding a classic vibrator to your repertoire can be beneficial and might do the trick for some people, but for others, it just doesn't really tickle their imagination enough. They require something more exotic. Something that will catch them off-guard. If you belong to the latter, using bondage and restraints is the perfect way to spice things up and surprise your partner. It will add a whole new element of tease that requires trust, while also reinforcing your sexual connection. Using restraints will require a consent of both parties involved and will be a giant leap out of your comfort zone. However, that leap will undoubtedly pay off and make things feel interesting and fresh again.

As always, HUSTLER Hollywood is here to provide you with the best tools to satisfy your new kink. You won't be disappointed when you take a look at our sexy collection of restraints and find new and exciting ways to tie your partner down. Whether you're just looking for traditional handcuffs, or you want to shop an entire fantasy kit, we got them all!

What do we offer?


When making the choice between purchasing one type of restraints over the other, it all comes down to your personal preference and the agreement you have with your partner. What suits one couple, might not be a pleasant experience in your particular case. In other words, saying one model is better than the other is a bit far-fetched. That's why we recommend you read the short product summaries and key features in order to get better acquainted before making your purchase.

 To help you get started, we selected a few products that are most popular in our shop. For instance, the Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs is especially intriguing and requires some very interesting positions. The model features handcuffs and leg-cuffs that are both attached to a very comfortable neck harness. The ease of use and exceptional comfort make it an ideal choice for beginners, but also for more experienced users who get to enjoy longer sessions.

 If you're into more basic models, the Temptasia Plush Fur Handcuffs and the Sex & Mischief By Sportsheets leash and Collar Set are a great choice. Both models come in several different colors and offer multiple hours of naughty play at an affordable price. The soft plush and faux fur are an especially nice detail on the handcuffs. The collar set is a perfect item that will fulfill all your S&M desires and show your partner who's in charge.

 Invigorate the night and surprise your better half with the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint Kit. This clever restraint system stays hidden under your mattress and lets you decide when is the right moment to introduce it into your naughty foreplay. There are a total of 4 adjustable cuffs, allowing you to tie your partner's wrists and legs, giving you total control. Use it in conjunction with blindfold & gags for an even better effect.

For ladies that like to be in charge and tease their men, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Men's Chastity Belt Lock is a no-brainer. There is just something undeniably sexy about the combination of steel and leather. The cage itself is of high-quality and fits most sizes. On top of that, it guarantees obedience just by the sheer look of it, not to mention the thought of actually putting it on. It is held in place by an adjustable leather belt, which is an amazing detail that adds to the entire submissive effect.

 Advantages and Shortcomings of Restraints

 As previously mentioned, the biggest advantage of exploring BDSM and using these toys is the positive effect it can have on your relationship. You can't just tie someone who you're not intimate with and connected on a deep and meaningful level. Just the fact that someone is willing to hand you over their body and grant you complete control is a testimony to how much trust is required.

 As for the shortcomings, one that comes to mind is the fact that tying someone down or allowing to be tied down might not be everyone's cup of tea. While your sexual fantasies might consist of BDSM elements, your partner might not find it to be an activity they particularly enjoy.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How to start out with restraints and bondage?

 A: If you're just starting to discover BDSM and new erotic frontiers, our advice is to start out slow and ease into it. Going all out at the beginning of your journey by using hardcore toys and equipment will more than likely ruin the experience. Pick up a simple pair of handcuffs, maybe a sexy costume to go with it, and remember to follow the basic rules of consensual sexual activity.

 Q: What is a scenario or a play session?

 A: To put it simply, imagine it as a sexy scene from an erotic movie where you and your partner are the main protagonists. You can pretty much act out any kind of scene you desire, as long as some basic rules apply. Set some boundaries and think of a safe word. Other than that, there is really no limit to your creativity. Half of the fun is in planning the scene with your partner.

 Q: What kind of positions should I try while using restraints?

 A: Besides the standard lying on your back, there a number of positions you can try. Some models even make them easier to pull off. One of the most popular positions requires one of the participants to kneel down and face the floor while the other participant ties their wrists to their ankles. This allows for some sweet anal play and grants complete access to whoever is in charge.

 Q: What about mixing other sex toys with restraints?

 A: Absolutely! There should always be room for a WAND VIBRATOR to get the groove going and prepare you for a hot BDSM session. You can also try to incorporate other kinky toys such as anal beads or plugs & probes