Sex Furniture

From small pillow-like objects and wedges to body-sized ramps with handcuffs, sex furniture is a quintessential part of any room aspiring to become a kinky BDSM dungeon. It's also an absolute must-have for couples that are into exploring more difficult positions. Rekindling the hidden fire within you and trying out something new and fresh is easy with the help of functional sex furniture, giving you support for positions that would otherwise be nearly impossible to pull off. Not only that, but some of these items can even be used as a vibrator mount, allowing for some very interesting and naughty scenarios.

It is important to note that purchasing sex furniture is not like your regular sex toy shopping. Even if you opt for the smallest piece available, you're still going to need a place to store it when it's not in use. Also, knowing your own measurements up front is vital to getting the right piece. In other words, you're going to have to conduct a little bit of research and going through product summaries. As always, we're here to help you out with making the best choice and decorating your kinky room with the best sex furniture available.

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What do we offer?


The best part about sex furniture is that there is something for everyone. If you're new to these kinds of items and just want something that will be much more useful in supporting your challenging positions than a regular soft pillow, starting out with a small but solid cushion-like model is your best bet. For the more experienced users that are looking to really invest into a piece of sex furniture that will satisfy their dirty appetites for years to come, a gorgeous chaise longue sofa is the way to go.

 For instance, if you're looking to amp up your missionary game, the Liberator Jaz Motion Position Aid Cherry is a clear choice. Not only will it rock your world with the curved side designed for better motion, but also provide solid support when you flip it around to the flat side. This model features all the right angles and makes hitting that sweet G-Spot easy.

 Liberate yourself of your repetitive sex routine with the Liberator Flip Ramp Position aid. Every encounter with this nifty piece of sex furniture is a different experience. With this ramp, you can easily enhance familiar positions, like missionary and doggy style, or try out more difficult ones, like the butterfly. Not only that, but your performance will be off the charts as well.

It can also be used in more than one way because of its clever design. Spread it open and create an elongated comfortable surface or flip it into a cube and take advantage of an elevated base. Don't worry about your friends poking around and asking about it, the discreet design blends in perfectly with the rest of your regular furniture.

 Do you have a spare wand vibrator lying around? Use it in conjunction with the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Massager Mount and experience a full-blown, earth-shattering orgasm with ease. With your vibrator secured inside the mount, positions yourself so that the head is gently touching the sweet spot and enjoy the ride of your life while focusing your hands on your partner or other erogenous zones.

 Adorn your sex dungeon with the all-in-one Liberator Esse Sex Ramp. This model does it all and does it in an amazing fashion. To say we're a fan of its innovative design is an understatement. We are absolutely in love with this masterpiece of sex furniture. Try out an unlimited number of positions while enjoying full body support and a level of comfort that is unmatched. After getting just a taste of how this piece can influence your sex life, using your bed will feel like a choir.

 Advantages and shortcomings of Sex Furniture

 We can all agree that sex is all about exploring new and exciting things and connecting with your partner. While you can achieve this on your own to a certain extent, using an aid in the form of a specifically designed piece of sex furniture makes it a lot more achievable. This is especially the case for couples with a wild appetite for more challenging sex positions.

 As for the shortcomings, storage space might be one of them. That being said, most models we offer have a discreet design that can easily become a part of your living room.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is considered as sex furniture?

 A: While many items can be used to assist you in achieving a certain sex position, only pieces of furniture that are created with maximum support in mind can fall into the category of sex furniture. These products aim to provide you with a solid but comfortable surface that's angled in such a way that results in an overall better experience.

 Q: What types of sex furniture can I purchase?

 A: There are several types of sex furniture and they range from small to large. You can start off with a simple wedge to make your oral sex sessions a lot more comfortable, or go all out and purchase a sofa with all the additional perks that come with it. It boils down to personal preference and what you and your partner have in mind.

 Q: How sturdy are these products?

 A: As sturdy as they come! These pieces of sex furniture can really take a beating because they are made of high-quality durable materials that offer a solid surface while not sacrificing comfort. They can handle even the most creative couples with ease.

 Q: What about cleaning?

 A: These items are covered in a soft fabric that is removable and machine-washable so cleaning is a breeze. Other than that, you can always give them a wipe with one of our toy cleaners. Cleansing wipes work like a charm.

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