Sexual Desensitizers

When it comes to sex, everyone has their personal preferences. What they enjoy, and what they stay away from completely. For some it's certain fetishes, for others it's the use of their favorite sex toys. Then there are those who need a little bit of stimulation or incentive to overcome their soft limits. For some, the use of lubricants might be enough, but others require more assistance.

Rough sex is a very popular topic but it is certainly not for everyone. For those who enjoy it, it's the only way to have sex. It's either rough or nothing. When it comes to rough sex, it’s all about achieving maximum pleasure with the minimum amount of "bad" pain. You might be wondering what is "bad" pain? Well, it's the kind of pain that pulls you out of the moment and pretty much ruins everything. This is what usually discourages and pushes away people from trying rough sex.

Well not anymore. With sexual desensitizers, you'll be able to push through the pain and any inconvenience, successfully reaching that state of pure pleasure. They work on a principle of neutralizing any signs or possibilities of "bad" pain, allowing you to completely relax. Sexual desensitizers can be used in several ways, and can even extend your intercourse, but we'll get that a bit later. Let's take a look at what we have in store for you.

What do we offer?

Whether you're looking for basic Hustler toys or you want to push the level of kinkiness through the roof with premium kink gear- we've got you covered. As a perfect aid for introducing you to rough sex, sexual desensitizers have a very special place in our collection. While we offer a plethora of different brands, today we will be covering just a few to get you better acquainted with these amazing products.

For everyone who loves anal sex, whether it be a woman or a man, getting into the groove and relaxing is crucial for the session to be successful. However, we all know that this is usually easier said than done, even for more experienced practitioners. This is why you want to grab your hands on the Anal-ese Numbing Anal Lubricant. Not only will it help you ease into anal sex, but it can also be used together with your favorite brand of condoms. Once you try this product, you'll never go back to using vaseline or other dull products.

Rough sex is not only about pulling on your partner's hair or going deep inside their anal. Sometimes oral sex can be as sexy, and even better than pure penetration. Especially if it’s a full-blown deepthroat blowjob. That being said, for many people, the gag reflex and the natural desire to control the pressure in their throat stands in the way of performing impressive oral sex. For those people, the most simple solution is the Goodhead deep throat desensitizing spray cherry. Not only will it make your oral sex skills ten times better, but you will also enjoy a tasty cherry flavor and aroma in your mouth while performing an unforgettable blowjob.

Have you ever wanted to have sex for hours and hours with your partner, only to jump into bed and be done with it within the first 10 minutes? This happens to everyone, and there is nothing wrong with being a little bit too excited. However, if you want to avoid these kinds of situations and extend your time in the sack, we have something that can help you. The Sta-hard desensitizing lubricant will boost your stamina and allow you to last much longer. Make sure to lubricate the head of your penis prior to having intercourse and let it absorb the cream. After applying the cream make sure to wash your hands and in a few minutes you'll be good to go.

Advantages and shortcomings of sexual desensitizers

As we stated before, sexual desensitizers are useful in a number of scenarios. They are absolutely crucial for those looking to overcome their soft limits and explore new sexual frontiers. Also, they can be used to add a little bit of flavor to oral sex, making it even more delicious. Sexual desensitizers are a great aid for overcoming premature ejaculation and can help you return to your previous form. Having comfortable and pleasurable sex is what we all strive to achieve, these products can get us that much closer to our goal.

As for the shortcomings, applying too much cream can hinder the feel of sensation. Make sure to always use the recommended dose in order to avoid these situations. Other than that, there are really little to no cons to using these products. They are made of ingredients that are perfectly safe for your body so you can rest assured you are not harming your health while using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are these Sexual Desensitizers safe when it comes to health?

A: All Sexual Desensitizers we offer are made from ingredients that enhance our sexual performance and in no way harm our health. The only issue is that some people might feel an unfamiliar feeling of numbness as rarely do we get this feeling naturally without any products.

Q:  Till up to what age is this product safe for use?

A: Since these products do not affect your health, it's safe to say there is no age limit. That being said, if you suffer from a certain condition, consulting your physician is mandatory.

Q: How much cream or spray should be used?

Every product has a how-to-use written on it. Usually, it’s one or two doses per spray for most products.

Q: How long before should the products be applied?

A: You will start to notice the effects of sexual desensitizers shortly after applying them, Unless it is stated differently on the back of the product, most products should be used 5-15 minutes before engaging in sex.