Anal Sex Basics Instructional Book

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Anal sex has always been a controversial position. We can be uncomfortable talking about it and shy asking for it. Although it sounds like something we might want to try, we sometimes don’t even know where to begin. Does it hurt? What does it feel like? What about the uncomfortable possibility of you-know-what happening? And should we trust our friends when they tell us about their own adventures? After all, everyone’s bum is different.

Anal Sex Basics takes the guess work out of anal play. This entry-level guide answers the many questions you might have and dispels a lot of the myths and false information out there. It covers everything you need to know to prepare and enjoy anal sex no matter what your gender, orientation or lifestyle.

    Key Features

    • Perfect guide book for beginners
    • Step-by-step guide that takes you through entire process from preparation to aftercare
    • Includes an additional chapter for additional learning

    Use + Care

    • Manual for anal sex for beginners. Give as a naughty gift to a lover, bride-to-be or “friend”?