Body Action Anal Bleach Gel Pillow Pack


There's something to be said about a bleached anal area. We can't help but like it. Boost your confidence in between the sheets and turn your partner on with Anal Bleach Gel by Body Action.

Skin discoloration—it's something we might be too shy to talk about, but so happy there's a solution. Body Action's Anal bleach can be used on all intimate areas: anal, vaginal, scrotum, penis, nipples and even dark underarms!

The next time you and your partner want to engage in a sexy game of anal play, don't be shy to expose your most intimate area. Give yourself a boost and your bum a brightening right in the privacy of your own home.

    Key Features

    • Safe on men and women
    • Can be used to lighten multiple intimate areas
    • Hydroquinone-free

    Use + Care

    • Read all instructions before applying Anal Bleach Gel by Body Action
    • Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs
    • Keep out of reach of children