Candiland by Doc Johnson Indulgence Kit

$13.99 $20.00

Don’t order dessert, be the dessert your lover won’t be able to resist. With the CandiLand Indulgence Kit, you’ll be feasting off each other’s bodies all night long. The kit includes 5 delectable treats to spread all over each other. Sample each other’s new tastes with your tongues, lips and teeth. Bring the CandiLand Indulgence Kit with you on that special occasion and enjoy the sugar-free treats without the guilt.

The CandiLand Indulgence Kit is perfect for a romantic getaway or a weekend trip. Forget late-night room service. Combine the sweetness of dessert with the sweetness of your lover’s body to experience the most erotic foreplay.

Key Features

  • The includes
    • Cinnamon Bun Body Icing, .24 oz. (7.0 g)
    • Strawberry Bon Bon Glide, .24 oz. (7.0 g)
    • Marshmallow Fluff Kissable Love Dust, .65 (18 g) Jar
    • 100 Red Rose Petals
    • 5. Soft Powder Puff
  • • Premium Formulas
    • Sugar, Paraben and Glycerin free
  • • Body-Safe
    • Vegan Friendly

Use & Care

  • Combine these products for sensual foreplay.