Crazy Girl Dazzling Body Lotion Plumeria


Crazy Girl Wanna Be Dazzling Lotion leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky and sexy while releasing enticing pheromones in the air that make you completely irresistible. Choose from three deliciously playful scents to enhance your sex appeal and leave you smelling and feeling like a tempting, shimmering goddess.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Dazzling Lotion is Formulated with rich moisturizing oils that leaves a sexy opalescent shimmer on your skin.

    Key Features

    • Opalescent moisturizing lotion adds soft shimmer to skin
    • Infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal
    • Comes in three delicious scents: Pink Cupcake, Pretty Plumeria, and Sugar Bomb
    • 6 oz. bottle

    Use + Care

    • Apply to clean skin for a shimmering smooth effect