Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex for Women


Are you interested in exploring erotic anal pleasure for more adventurous, sensual and orgasmic sex?
"Do you feel inhibited about that part of your body sometimes? This DVD has everything you need to know about comfortable, pleasurable anal sex delivered to you by world renowned 'Sexpert' Dr. Ava Cadell.
  • Watch explicit demonstrations of anal foreplay and massage
  • Discover the 12 Anal Sex Rules
  • Learn innovative skills using the latest anal sex toys
  • Get expert tips on advanced anilingus positions like the 3-Headed Dragon that results in multiple orgasms for a woman
  • Find out how to stimulate her G-spot and the A-spot through anal sex
  • Discover playful anal sex positions such as the Pouncing Panther, the Spooning Spider, the Frisky Fox and the Bobcat.
    "Get Dr. Avas exclusive expert tips and techniques on the best way to enjoy anal pleasure. You will see how to go from anal preparation, seduction and exploration to anal sex toys, anilingus and anal sex positions, so that you can experience the ultimate anal sex satisfaction."
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