Entice Her - Performance for Women


By PJ Braun and Kendra Lust - Entice Her is the landmark formula to bringing a woman’s sexual experience to a new plateau. If you’re serious about upping the pleasure and intensity, Entice Her actively works to dramatically increase sensitivity in your areas of interest. Simply take 4 capsules 15-20 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, or for a boost to your mood, take 4 capsules upon waking. 

Men looking to enhance their sexual performance should try the male version of this product, Entice Him.
For optimum results, couples should take these products together. Prepare for The Best Night of Your Lives.

MACA ROOT- improves sexual function in women that suffer from sexual dysfunction. Enhances euphoria which would lead to a better sexual experience and orgasm. Increase overall athletic performance which can lead to great performance in bed. 

PHENYLETHYLAMINE- stimulates the release of the dopamine and norepinephrine, remotes positive mood and welling being, and studies have shown it can lead to curbing of  appetite. Positive mood and well being will lead to a very intense sexual experience with your loved one. 

CURCUMIN- helps balance hormones which can lead to a better sex drive, relieves depression and anxiety which would put you in a better mood for when your love one comes home. 

MUCUNA PRURIENS-increases sexual desire and ability to perform in bed, provides feelings of enjoyment and motivation. Also it aids in the production of a hormone commonly associated with the "pleasure system" ;) of the brain!

EPIMEDIUM- stimulates libido , balance hormones, promotes similar benefits of testosterone which plays an important role in human sexuality. 

DAMIANA LEAF EXTRACT- restores women ability to achieve the ultimate orgasm, helps with anxiety, mild depression, and nervousness. 

ANDROSTA-3 5-DIENE-7 17-DIONE- blocks estrogen which allows for increase testosterone and lead to a better sex drive, mood , and experience in bed. 

DHEA- protects against depression and mood swings so you will aways be in a good mood, improves libido, decrease in certain menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and weight gain. Helps balance the hormones like testosterone and estrogen allowing for amazing energy levels and a great metabolism. 


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