Entice Him - Performance for Men


By PJ Braun and Kendra Lust - Entice Him is the real deal for men looking to up their game in the bedroom. Reach new peaks of sexual performance and intensity with our one-of-a-kind formula. This is accomplished by increasing your own pleasure through increased sensitivity where it matters. Entice Him will also increase blood flow, which will lead to noticeably increased size. Entice Him is also a mood-enhancer, perfect for setting the mood to any encounter. Simply take 2 tablets in the morning with a meal, daily.


BYROVIRON- enhances male libido and sexual health, increase sperm count , and increases testosterone. 

POMEGRANATE EXTRACXT- treats erectile dysfunction, improves recovery from sexual exercise which means you would be able to go round two really quick ;), improves heart health, and helps brain health. 

FENUGREEK- increase libido in men, improves sexual performance, fenugreek has a significant influence on sexual arousal, energy and stamina and helps men maintain  normal testosterone levels.

SAPONINS- boost natural testosterone levels, increases libido in men, and increased stamina in the bedroom!

ICARIIN(horny goat weed)-increases testosterone production, improves libido in men, boost blood flow circulation so you stay hard for a longer period of time, decreases cortisol, and helps increase lean muscle mass.