Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gel


Avoid hot spots for good and give your lover nothing but lubricated stimulation with Shock Therapy Gel for all your electro sex play. This soothing aloe-infused gel magnifies the shock intensity and provides maximum conductivity without discomfort.

Apply a liberal amount of the naturally cool gel and experience pleasure like you never imagined.  The Shock Therapy Gel works on all Pipedream Shock Therapy plug-in accessories. Avoid unwanted discomfort and stimulate your senses with Shock Therapy Gel.  

    Key Features

    • Prevents hot spots
    • Maximizes conductivity between skin and Shock Therapy accessories
    • Infused with naturally cooling aloe vera leaf juice

    Use + Care

    • Apply liberally
    • Wash off accessories with toy cleaner and warm water