Hustler Fetish Bell Nipple Clamps


Pleasure meets fashion with the sexy and adjustable Nipple Clip with Black Bell. You get the same high quality and durable metal nipple clamps that you can adjust with its screw-on top.

The pretty sexy little bell bead is attached at the end of the clamp making it swing as you move in pleasure adding another element to your most loved sensual play. Moan in pleasure, it's music to your partner’s ears, it heightens the libido, making your orgasm twice as intense.

The pressure, nerve tingling sensations of being clamped at the nipples is perfect for BSDM plays, fetish play and other adult role play games. Do it mild or extreme – no matter what you prefer, this adjustable Nipple Clip with Black Bell is perfect for your lust games. It’s made from durable materials with an added soft black rubber for comfort – perfect for long hours of playing and sensual play.

Key Features

  • Decorative black bell for added design, appeal and perfect for sensual play
  • Features soft rubber-padded tips to provide a comfortable and secure grip
  • Material: Made from high quality steel with rubber padded tips
  • Length: Each clamp can adjust to 0.6 to 1.5 inches

Use + Care

  • Adjust with the screw-on top for varied pressure
  • Keep out of reach of children