Hustler Fetish Hog Tie Restraint Set


You've been bad. Really, really bad. You need (and want) to be punished like the naughty little thing that you are. Your partner can show you who's boss with the Hustler Hog Tie Set that'll leave you at their mercy of their kinky desires.

The Hustler Hog Tie Set comes with two wrist restraints, two ankle restraints and a center connecter. The restraints are soft yet durable, so you don't need to worry about unwanted chafing or rubbing.

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure of total submission and achieve a variety of difficult positions with the Hustler Hog Tie Set.

    Product Details

    • Easy to use
    • Five-piece connector set
    • Comfortable restraints for long-term use
    • D-ring allow for easy extension
    • Material: Velvet lining, Velcro

    Use + Care

    • Follow consensual BDSM rules of play
    • Follow instructions on packaging
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