Hustler Fetish Position Pal Restraints


The Hustler Position Pal will be your new bedroom best friend! Designed to enhance all your favorite positions and provide maximum comfort as you enjoy hard, deep penetration. A padded headrest and adjustable ankle straps opens a world of erotic, arousing angles for you to experience. Whether you enjoy being on your back, on your side or even on your tummy, this clever accessory will make sure you are comfortable so that you and your partner can last all night.

This is one pal that you will always want to keep in touch with.

Key Features

  • The Fetish Position Pal lets you enjoy and enhance all your favorite positions
  • Comfortable, padded headrest and fully adjustable ankle straps give you all the angles necessary for maximum penetration
  • Simple to use
  • Hours of fun
  • Material: Nylon

Use + Care

  • Practice consensual BDSM rules of play