Hustler Fetish Sexy Suction Cuffs

$15.99 $32.00

New to BDSM or curious about experimenting with restraints? If so, these suction cuffs are the perfect addition to a night of erotic fun. Secure your partner or relinquish control with a safe alternative to hardcore bondage that removes the hassle. The Hustler Sexy Suction Cuffs are easy to attach to any bedframe, door, wall or flat surface.  Once you’re suctioned to your chosen spot all you have to do is wait for your partner to get the night rolling.

This is the one pair every first timer should own!

Key Features

  • Secure your partner in your favorite positions with a no-hassle alternative to bondage cuffs
  • Lux Fetish Sexy Suction Cuffs make it easier than ever to attach to walls, floors and any flat surface
  • Perfect for newbies, these cuffs are a must-have
  • Adjustable