Kama Sutra Sexy Sampler Kit


We get it. Commitment can be hard. That’s why Kama Sutra has the Sexy Sampler Kit for anyone who loves to have a good time but isn’t willing to commit. This kit features five gorgeous bottles of everything you need to enjoy a naughty evening with your lover. Each bottle is travel-sized, so you don’t have to worry about bulk or getting past airport security. The whole kit can fit right in your purse or side pocket.

Enjoy romance on the go with the Sexy Sampler Kit by Kama Sutra. This kit may be small but it has everything you need for a wild night.

Kit Includes

  • OIL OF LOVE Raspberry Kiss kissable, water-based body oil 0.25 fl oz 7 ml
  • PLEASURE BALM SENSATIONS Spearmint kissable body gel 0.25 fl oz 7 ml
  • NATURALS MASSAGE OIL Coconut Pineapple for full-body massage 0.25 fl oz 7 ml
  • INTENSIFY PLUS Warming gel to enhance her satisfaction 0.25 fl oz 7 ml

    Key Features

    • Travel pack including 5 romance products
    • Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, bachelorette parties or vacation

    Use + Care

    • Use one or all of these products with your partner to experience a romantic evening on the go