Liquid V Female Arousal Gel


Why settle for any less than the best? With Liquid V Female Stimulating Gel, enjoy intense stimulation of your most sensitive areas during foreplay and intercourse and experience mind-blowing orgasms like you’ve never felt before.

The super concentrated formula is the strongest on the market and a fan favorite. Who’s going to say no to more intense orgasms?

Try Liquid V Female Stimulating Gel to bring your senses to the height of ecstasy. You’d be amazed by how much pleasure this little bottle can bring to your sex life.

    Product Details

    • Maximum-strength topical gel
    • Works immediately
    • For women of all ages
    • Produces a warm tingling sensation to the clitoris
    • 0.33 fl. oz

    Use + Care

    • Apply a small drop to your erogenous zone for instant stimulation
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