Oxballs Humpballs Cockring Blue


Oxballs Hump balls is everything you loved about rings but better. Oxballs Humpballs Cockring is designed to give you the most out of your play. This outstanding ring is stronger, more resilient and thicker to give you the firm hold of a life time. 

It swells your penis and pushes your testicles up and out for a heftier package. It has a tight grip that gives you the required amount of squeeze for maximum stimulation. This ring will not roll or tug on your skin or hair. It is made of super soft SkinFlex-TPR allowing you to comfortably wear it for extended periods of sex or masturbation. It will definitely make you feel great and you will definitely love every minute you using it.

Key Features

  • SkinFlex-TPR
  • Non-toxic and phthalate free
  • Softer, squishier and more durable
  • No tug
  • Outside Circumference: 5" cm
  • Inside Circumference: 2.5"
  • Thickness: 0.5"/

Use + Care

  • Compatible with all lubricant, water based preferred
  • Wash carefully before and after each use with warm water and your favorite toy cleaner
    • Air dry and keep separate from other rubber/plastic toys to avoid adherence