Oxballs Sprocket Cockring Smoke


If you like OXBALLS original HUMPBALLS cockring,, you'll drip over SPROCKET--bigger, thicker, and you can wear it longer because it fits right and feels so good for stroking or long deep sex.Tested and and highly rated.

Try our spankin' new SPROCKET cockring. Sprocket is bigger and made of an all new material, Soflex-TPR, designed to be super flexible.The Sprocket has a “blubbery” feel, it is elastic enough keep you super-hard— and it will not dig into your flesh like other cockrings. 

 Although it feels soft and squishy it keeping a tight squeeze and everlasting hold on you. The result is the perfect cockring, it’s super strong and  rubbery enough that it doesn’t choke…it just fits!

Big, thick and super stretchy, the Oxballs Sprocket Cockringfeels just so right that taking it off would just be so wrong.

Key Features

  • Soflex-TPR
  • Squishy Soft Cockring
  • Strong, yet super soft material
  • Inside Circumference: 2.75 inches
  • Outside Circumference: 5.75Inches
  • Length: 1.75 inches

Use + Care

  • Wash carefully with warm water and your favorite toy cleaner
  • Dishwasher safe
  • After washing, dry thoroughly and store all rubber based toys separately to avoid adherence
  • Compatible with all lubes, water-based & water/silicone hybrid preferred