Spartacus Broad Tip Adjustable Beaded Nipple Clamps Blue


If nipple play gets you off like nothing else, and you want to take it to the next level with machinery, there's no better intro to nipple clamps than the Broad Tip Adjustable Nipple Clamps by Spartacus.

These chained clamps are designed to hug the entire nipple and provide mild, medium or intense pressure, so you can work your way up! The easily-adjustable rubber-tipped clamps allow for an even distribution of tension so that every surface of your skin is tingling.

Whether you're an expert or you're just starting to explore the intense pleasures of nipple play, the Broad Tip. . . Read More...

Product Details

  • Broad-tipped clamps designed to fit around entire nipple
  • Easily adjust tension with adjustable pressure screw
  • Choose mild, medium or intense pressure—perfect for beginners and experts
  • Rubber-tipped clamps provide even distribution of pressure
  • Metal: Rubber, Metal

Use + Care

  • Attach nipple clamps to nipples on the lightest setting. Slowly adjust to desired pressure
  • Keep out of reach of children
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