Sportsheets Starburst Feather Body Tickler


Sometimes the lightest touch can produce the biggest sensation. What's lighter than a feather? Now you can experience the sensuality of a playful tickle with the Sportsheets Tickler.

Made from a real rooster feather, this elegant piece will tease your partner and drive them crazy for something more. Use it during foreplay or accessorize your lingerie with the long black ostrich feather.

Want to be tickled and teased? Want to drive your lover mad? Try the Sportsheet Tickler and be surprised by how much fun you can have.


Key Features

  • Tickle and caress your partner
  • Product features a card with sexy games and tips
  • Material: Rooster feather, Plastic stick, Rubber cap
  • Length: 16 inches

Use + Care

  • Tie your love up and tease them with the soft touch of the tickler
  • Can be used as an accessory