Trojan Magnum Condoms 12pk


Enjoy uninterrupted lovemaking with Trojan Magnum. When things are hot in the bedroom you don’t want to stop or slow down unless it’s on your own terms. With Trojan Magnum condoms, there’s no worry of breaking or discomfort. It’s premium quality latex is built for strength, while its silky smooth lubricant is designed for comfort and sensitivity. Impress your lover when you pull out this golden ticket.

Don’t let ill-fitting and uncomfortable condoms be your third wheel. Invite Trojan Magnums to the party.

    Key Features

    • Larger than standard condom size
    • Smooth and silky lubricant for comfort and sensitivity
    • Premium quality latex
    • Individually tested

    Use + Care

    • The proper use of condoms helps reduce the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy
    • Read product label for instructions and safety warnings