sexy couple

The season of giving thanks is upon us, and while gratitude should be a daily practice there's no shame in stepping up our game on a special occasion like Thanksgiving. 

The daily grind of life can certainly have us taking the wonderful things in our life for granted, and that includes our partner. We count on them, they deal with all of our shenanigans and they love us unconditionally. It's important we show them how grateful we are for that, and there's no better way to do it than with a sexy twist!

Dress up for them

Nothing says I’ve been thinking about you all day than greeting them at the door in some sexy lingerie. Finish the look with thigh highs and sexy heels that you don't take off. Want to drive them extra wild, why not give them a strip tease? Traditional lingerie can be difficult to remove gracefully, so take a hint from the professionals and start off with some exotic wear. Designed with special clips and easy to undo ties; you’ll give them the show they’ve been dreaming of. If you really want to step up your game, get a dance pole for home; yes... that's a thing!

Be Playful + Tease Them

Giving your lover a passionate kiss goodbye, and a quick touch to their most sensitive parts will put an extra bounce in their step. Don’t forget to let them know you’re thinking about them throughout the day, too. A sexy text telling them you can’t wait until they get home is sure to make them feel special. Bonus points if you describe exactly what you’re going to do to them when they get there. 

Make Time for Each Other

Remember when you first got together and you’d make out for an hour before you even had sex. Now a days it might only be a few minutes of foreplay and then you’re off to the races. Of course, we all enjoy a spontaneous quickie once and awhile and sometimes it’s necessary with the increasing demands of adult hood. But… how nice would it be to go back to those times when you had nothing to do other than explore each other’s bodies? Block out some time where you can do just that! Arrange to have the kids visit the grandparents, take care of the errands on your lunch break so you have more free time on the weekend; do whatever you need to do to make sure you can have more time together. Put in that extra effort to let them know you miss them and crave more quality time.

Up Your Foreplay Game

Show your partner that you’re thinking of new ways to please them. We all love a traditional kissing and touching foreplay session, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The more you engage in foreplay, the hotter the sex and the better the orgasms. 

Get yourself all hot and bothered by watching an X-rated movie together. You'll definitely want to discuss this one ahead of time to make sure you're on the same page and to get a sense of your partner's level of comfort. There may be certain acts or genres that turn you on during your solo sessions, but make your partner uncomfortable. If you're just getting started doing this together keep it on the lighter side with something specific for couples or instructional focused.

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is a surefire way to up your foreplay game. Stimulate his prostate by using a bullet vibrator on his perineum, or have him wear a prostate massager while you’re giving him a hand or blow job. For the ladies, using a g-spot vibrator while you focus on her clitoris during oral sex will have her in ecstasy. If you have a toy you usually reserve for solo time, hand the reins over to your partner. They’ll get aroused watching you get aroused, and knowing they have a hand in it.

Give More Oral

Instead of using oral as a form of foreplay, treat it as the main event. Make it all about giving them pleasure and getting them off. Do it slow, pull out all the stops and bring them over the edge. If you need a few more tips and tricks check out these instructional books, ClitologyTickle His Pickle, and Oral Sex You'll Never Forget

If you really want to up your oral game, bring in a few reinforcements! Sex toys and stimulants can help enhance the oral sex experience allowing you to provide more sensation to your partner, giving them some mind blowing orgasms.

This blow job helper from Doc Johnson is perfect to give your man the feeling you’ve taken him all in, without worrying about your gag reflex. If you want to try and go all the way, this throat desensitizing spray will help. BJ Blast, the Pop Rocks of oral sex, is flavorful fun for the giver, and adds more stimulation for the receiver.

For her, an oil that increases arousal will help get here there faster and increase the intensity of her orgasm. A position aid, like the Liberator Jaz Motion will prop her up at a better angle and alleviate a sore neck for you. 

If giving oral isn't your favorite thing, try using flavored lubricant. The extra wetness will feel good for your partner and you'll have a sweet treat. 

Have Playtime in the Shower

If you’re usually all about just getting in and out as fast as you can, try slowing down a bit and treating your partner to a little underwater fun. Recreate a passionate kiss in the rain while giving them a soapy rubdown. Make sure you take it slow and get them nice and clean; using your hands and chest to spread the soap all around. Finish them off with some focused handiwork. Don’t forget the silicone lube; it won’t wash away like a water-based one. Just don't use with silicone toys.

Speaking of toys… there are so many waterproof sex toys, there’s no reason why you can’t make them part of the fun.