Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are an excellent way of lighting new fires and diving into the world of intense orgasms. The vast majority of the models we have to offer are made of high-quality materials and made to last for years, as long as you maintain them in good condition. While bullet vibrators are very similar to classic vibrators, there are some differences worth pointing out, especially when it comes to compactness and discreet designs. Nonetheless, getting one for yourself is well worth the effort and money as it represents an entrance to a different world filled with passion and fierce orgasms.

Bullet Vibrators we offer

There are plenty of models you can choose from, starting with mini massagers to XXL vibrating bullets. Whether you’re a demanding user or a person that’s easy to please, you’ll definitely find something that will rock your boat and make you come back for more. Take a moment and check some of the models we have to offer and see if any of them meet your requirements as well as expectations.

In case you’re aiming for something compact and easy to carry around, the Jopen Amour Silicone Remote Bullet would be an excellent idea. This elegantly designed bullet features a remote control that works on substantial distances meaning you can safely fine-tune the device without anyone even noticing. It has five incremental speeds and seven different functions that guarantee ultimate pleasure. On top of that, it comes neatly packed in a marvelous box that makes it an amazing gift for close friends or your significant other.

If you’re leaning more towards larger toys, we would recommend looking into the Sensuelle Bentlii 15-Function Vibrator as it’s definitely a viable candidate. As the name suggests, it comes with 15 functions, a flexible design, and double motors!

The main selling point of this vibrator is its robustness coupled with great flexibility. In other words, while the tip is hard, the base is designed to move with you allowing you to find the best possible position and prepare for the upcoming burst of adrenaline. It’s completely waterproof and submersible meaning it can be used in the shower and the cleanup part is pretty simple. A charge time of 4 hours will yield about an hour of runtime giving you plenty of time to hit the sweet spots.

Frisky ladies that love getting kinky in public should definitely check out the Hustler Lingerie Vibrating Lace Thong. The powerful bullet is discretely hidden in the lingerie which serves as a perfect setup for some pussy rubbing at the train station. The fact that no one around you knows what’s going on makes it a hundred times more exciting. The great thing about it is that it can be turned on or off with a single push of a button. In other words, it’s easy to just jump out of your quick session if needed. Choose between red and black lace and make sure to make it count next time while you’re riding on the bus!

Women who appreciate a sleek and minimalistic design should consider buying something like the popular Rocks Off Bamboo 10-Speed Mini Vibe Rose model. In case you’re all about discretion and hiding in plain sight, this model should fulfill your expectations. It’s designed to stimulate your clitoris or any other sensitive area with 10 speed settings. It’s waterproof and very travel-friendly.

Advantages and shortcomings

The biggest advantage most users agree over is the dose of discretion that comes with the design. It’s challenging to keep a straight face while your clitoris is being fondled by one of the aforementioned models. If you’re willing to take up on that challenge, don’t hesitate to give some of our products a run for their money, it’s going to be worth it. One more noteworthy thing is that most of these models come with unique shapes and varying features. That means you can have a bunch of them at once and enjoy each differently without falling victim to lack of inspiration. 

As far as disadvantages go, there aren’t any related to functionality but rather to each person’s personal experience. Some women find certain models uncomfortable and even subpar while other women think differently about the same models. If you’re a beginner and aren’t sure what Hustler toy to choose as a starting point, we would recommend getting something that’s versatile enough to keep you interested for a while.

Bullet Vibrator FAQs

Q: How durable are these toys?

A: Most of them boast a resilient design and are capable of withstanding a beating because in some cases people like to play rough. You shouldn’t be too worried about physical damage, but always make sure to check whether your toy is waterproof as that can escalate into a life-threatening issue quickly.

Q: Do they use regular or proprietary batteries?

A: It depends on the model, but most of them come with a proprietary rechargeable battery. Some have a controller that works with AA or AAA batteries that are available in most stores.

Q: How should I clean my toys?

A: In most cases, warm water and a small amount of soap will do the trick. However, we recommend including a toy cleaner in order to make sure everything stays in top sanitary condition.

Q: How long do batteries last?

A: As far as the expiration date goes, it should take years before you see any signs of battery degradation. As for the runtime and charge time, most models usually have a charge time of about 4 hours and a runtime of about an hour. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and the results will vary depending on the model and battery type.