Bedroom Costumes

Are you feeling extra naughty this night? If so, slip into HUSTLER Hollywood’s flirty outfit and prepare yourself for some of the wildest bedroom fantasies. Whatever kinky plot you and your lover think off, HUSTLER Hollywood features numerous styles of teasing and flirtatious bedroom costumes specially created to suit such role-playing fancies.

Our nurse costume will mend all lovesick hearts, or if you want to get an A+ in sexiness and be sent to private detention then our schoolgirl uniform is definitely for you! Every love life needs a little spice and we at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to provide you with sexy bedroom costumes to ante up that game of seduction. Whether it’s your wedding night, an anniversary, or you just want to transform your bedroom into a lair of lust, we have the hottest styles of costumes perfect for any special occasion.

What do we offer?

The vanilla costume of seduction is the French maid costume designed with the American burlesque flair from the late 19th and early 20th century. To honor that tradition, our selection of bedroom lingerie includes all the sassy and naughty outfits you can think of, which are, by the way, designed to beautifully accentuate feminine assets. Just imagine - a voluptuous decolletage, tight, low-cut top, matching stockings, garter, and apron that barely covers the midsection and shows off the bare mid thighs.

People have always wondered what it would be like to have sex on the plane. We may not be able to get you sky high but we can transform you into a flirty flight attendant to give your lover a first class treatment. Such costumes also come with luminous pastels, strappy details, and kinky accessories - perfect for launching your passion for ultra-high altitudes.

Have you always been the bad apple in the classroom of lust? Do you need to be sent to the principal’s office for some private lessons? Put a little sexy twist on your detention with our sassy pleated skirts and short hemlines adorned with ties and suspenders as well as cropped collared shorts to provocatively reveal that gorgeous midsection.

Our collection of bedroom outfits here at HUSTLER Hollywood also contains police officer uniforms! This includes precariously short skirts and barely legal tops with plunging necklines, which bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Freeze! This is a bust!” Another style which is highly popular in the bedroom chamber is the naughty nurse. With its racy take on, the traditional uniform adorned with red trim, complementary garters, and sexy fishnet, you can give your lovesick patient a kinky treatment he deserves.

Our goal is to make all your bedroom fantasies come true. HUSTLER Hollywood is the top online destination for luxurious costumes, clubwear, and intimate apparel. Peruse at our fantasy lingerie, such as strappy bralettes, smooth negligees, and vintage corsets with a modern twist, to spruce up your bedroom style. Arm yourself with an arsenal of lingerie, ranging from romantic chemises or negligees to those naughty pieces that bring out your sexual side like no other, here at HUSTLER Hollywood.

Advantages of Hustler Bedroom Costumes

Our ultra-sexy French maid outfits are excellent for adding flair to your fantasy wear. Since it is one of the most popular outfit lingeries out there, there is no better way to honor your salacious alter ego. The French lingerie outfit includes that traditional black and white pattern embellished with satin, ruffles, and lace but we recommend you take things up a notch with the costume assortment and add sultry elements, such as matching garters, stockings, bras, and, of course, corsets. Not only can you wear this outfit to bed but it is also perfect for Halloween and other masquerading events.

We love to turn the classic maid look into something magnetic. With that luxurious, lingerie vibe, featuring sexy panties, skirts, and bras, the role-playing game has never been easier to play. We offer a wide selection of styles and adornments to complement that look, so it is up to you to choose from various mesh, fishnet, and lace materials - or if you prefer to take things even more seriously, you can always opt for leather, vinyl, and spandex for that fetish feel. Our French maid costume will not only look sexy but it will also flatter your figure and bring sass to your personality with style.

Searching for a Halloween costume has never been easier here at HUSTLER Hollywood. You will love our risque options to transform your image into an embodiment of provocation and salaciousness. Take flirting to a whole new level with our accessories, which include garter belts, wigs, pasties, sexy gloves, and more. Add a feather duster to your French maid look for that tantalizing effect! Whatever your imagination can conjure, we can help you realize it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does Lingerie become a costume?

A: As years went by, the adult costumes have become even tighter, skimpier, and thus, sexier. It all depends on the theme of the event but one thing is certain - your regular Cleopatra and Marc Anthony outfits have been replaced with sexier depictions of your everyday vocations. Now, you can find sexy scantily clad cops, nurses, schoolgirls, maids, superheroes galore.

With all of these choices, it can get really hard to stand out from the crowd - but we at HUSTLER Hollywood want to transform you into a huge party hit. With the availability of sexy components on our online store, there is no limit to what kind of creative costumes you can put together for a remarkably limited budget. Corsets, high heels, bras, panties, short skirts, tights - you name it, we’ve got it!

Q: When to go for a sexy costume?

A: Bear in mind that sexy costumes don’t work in every possible situation, and we understand that. Chaperoning your child’s school fundraiser requires a more conservative side even though it still demands creativity. We also understand that not everyone is up for that level of sexiness our outfits can portray, but that still doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy yourself and bring excitement to your private life. If you want to surprise that special someone, do it under your conditions.

Q: Why search for costumes online?

A: As cool as sexy costumes are, it is not always a picnic to acquire them. If you are not up for searching costumes in warehouse specialty stores in other parts of town, doing it online can save you the trouble. Or if you are desperately trying to find a costume, finding one online is much more efficient than doing it “by foot”. Whatever the case, searching for costumes on the internet allows you to leisurely peruse hundred of choices, you can easily send screenshots for other people’s opinions, shipping is free and fast, plus if you change your mind, you can always return an unopened merchandise. There is no need for a facemask, your identity is already more secretive than doing it in person.