Spicing up the bedroom adventures is usually a good idea, but one’s experience greatly depends on the quality of the equipment they use. In fact, not only will you have a subpar experience with toys of questionable quality you will also jeopardize your and your partner’s health. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you always go for top-notch sex toys and avoid unpleasant scenarios such as skin irritation, allergies, and other unwanted conditions.

The term “Sex toys” is quite broad and it includes everything from anal plugs to vibrating cock rings. While these things were taboo not long ago, thankfully they aren’t anymore, and more importantly - you can buy whatever makes you horny with just a few clicks. The guaranteed thing here is the fact that your orgasms will improve by orders of magnitude in comparison to not having a little silicone helper or a cute clit vibrator by your side. Why would anyone decide against having an explosive orgasm?

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