Hustler Lingerie

Ladies, whoever said sexy underwear is for turning men on had it all backward. First of all, it’s all about empowering YOU and claiming who you are as a woman. It’s a man’s world out there, so we say to you - embrace that feminine energy! If you can impress yourself, others will fall for you like dominos, and sometimes wearing an alluring piece of clothing which oozes magnetic confidence is all it takes.

 However, the most common doubts and protests we hear about lingerie are:

  • I don’t look like a supermodel.
  • It seems uncomfortable.
  • My husband won’t care.
  • I’ll wear it on rare occasions.
  • Why bother if there is no one to see me?

 This is where you have all it wrong, ladies because how you see and feel about yourself extends to how the world perceives you, not the other way around. Do it for yourself first and foremost. All bodies are perfect with their imperfections and the only thing that makes you stand out is how you own it.

Sexy lingerie

The French have coined this category of women’s clothing, which mainly involves undergarments, sleepwear, and lightweight robes made of light, smooth, decorative fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, satin, charmeuse, Lycra, and, of course, lace. From its conception at the beginning of the 20th century, the word itself became associated with appealing and even erotic clothing, which later helped establish one of today’s most prolific branches of the fashion industry. Guys, don’t worry! Although most lingerie is designed for women, we also boast a selection of men’s underwear designed to turn the masculine heat up a notch, too.

What we have in store for you?

If there is a sexy vixen inside you just waiting to burst out, this is the place for you! We offer a wide array of lingerie designed to meet all your tastes and fantasies. Sometimes wearing the same clothes to bed over and over again can turn your sex life into a mundane routine, so maybe it’s time to switch to something elegant and sexy to rekindle the fire. If you really want to impress yourself and your partner, take a moment to check out our exotic wear, which will transform any woman into the very definition of salaciousness.

Girls, we are all about body positivity here! Big ladies are sexy, too, and have we got some treats for them... Our plus size lingerie is designed not only to look gorgeous but to provide comfort along the lines of a voluptuous body. Stockings, babydolls, coquettes, chemises, thongs, costumes, robes - we got them all. Just peruse at your leisure from our catalogs and if a piece catches your eye, give us a holler.

Our lingerie is also sorted out by themes and tailored for all sorts of special occasions. Brides, the wedding day is your day, so show your husband who is in charge by wearing a piece from our bridal lingerie collection. We have costumes, wigs, and hats in store for all the folks who want to try out something sassy or naughty for the next ball masqué. As for the party people, have we got supplies to make every night a time of fun, games, flirt, and kink! And if you want to educate yourself on matters of lingerie and sex, head down to our online library where you can order acclaimed books.

Advantages of HUSTLER Lingerie


We see it as twofold. On one hand, our underwear products can help build confidence and self-esteem for both women and men. It’s not so much about claiming “feminine power” per se as it is about claiming “personal power”. We all deserve beauty in our lives and just by being able to show - first to yourself and then the world - that we own our bodies, makes us a beautiful force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand, we believe it is vital for any romantic relationship to explore its sexual flow and current needs. Marriages crumble because people are not able to communicate their intimate desires. Sexuality is also language, so we wish to give people tools for finding that common tongue.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know the perfect size of my lingerie bra?

A: This query drives women to wit’s end because there is no universal standard. A wide range of sizes is available on the market so we recommend you get assistance from bra fitters first. This is the best way to determine what you don’t like about the fit so that you can decide what size suits you most. Another advice is to look at yourself from every angle when standing in front of a mirror. If it feels good and looks good - that’s it!

Q: How to care for fortnight lingerie?

A: We recommend you wash it after every 1 to 3 wears because the oils from your skin can affect the material’s elasticity. Handwashing is the best way to do it. Just soak it in water mixed with mild washing detergent (not a fabric softener) and rub it slightly for about 5 to 10 minutes. Leave it to hang and dry. Remember - no machine washing, dry cleaning, and ironing.

Q: How to know my lingerie fits perfectly?

A: Pay attention to the gore of the bra. The gore rests in the center of the two cups, so if it falls in the middle of your chest, you are wearing the right fit.

Q: Why are some of your bras tighter than others?

A: Some are made of stronger mesh fabrics for better support, hold, and control. This secure fit is most common with kinkier clothing products, costumes, and corsets, of course.

Q: Why lingeries matter?

A: Because they are ultimate forms of self-expression and create that liberating feeling like you have the taste of fashionable life. At least try them on and see if different aspects of your personality pop out. You’ll never know unless you see for yourself.