Being well-informed on different topics can help us deal with unfamiliar situations, as well as, perform better in the day-to-day obstacles that we encounter. Sex education is no different, and it should not be brushed aside just because it can be somewhat of a taboo subject. While you can find a bunch of educational information online about sex, it's always better to read on a certain topic from a well-known author that has written a book or two.

If you've recently been in the mood for broadening your sexual interests and trying out something new, but you're not sure how to approach your partner about it, try giving him a very special gift in the form of one of these books. If they are generally enthusiastic about exploring new things with you, they will be absolutely ecstatic about their present. Trust us, when it comes to sex education, its preferable to hold a hard copy in your hands than surfing the web, as the information online can sometimes be buried under tons of disinformation and spam.

What do we offer?

As mentioned before, knowing more than a couple of tricks in the sheets is always welcomed by both partners and can lead to a better and healthier sex life. The more we explore certain sex topics, the more we understand how much we still have to learn about the how we can pleasure our bodies and press all the right erogenous buttons.

Take for instance the pinnacle of female sexuality, which is at the same time the biggest mystery of them all, the G-spot. When it comes to the wonder that is the fabled G-spot, there are many myths and even more false information. If you want to help your partner ejaculate by massaging the right area, the guidebook Female Ejaculation & the G-spot should be on your shopping list this month. This book is perfect for both men and women that are interested in finding out what female ejaculation is and where does it come from.

For people that want to give out the best possible blowjobs and are eager to learn about the many techniques that can be used to pleasure a penis, the book Tickle His Pickle Your Hands On Guide To Penis Pleasing is the perfect gift you can get yourself.  

Or maybe you are looking to spice up your sexual dance with your partner by introducing some new poses that the both of you can enjoy. While learning to master some more difficult positions can take some time, it can always be fun to try out the rest of the 100+ positions that this book features. Purchase the 365 Sex Moves Instructional Book By Randi Foxx today and you will be well on your way to pleasuring your partner in ways that they have never imagined.

Additionally, for couples that are interested in a little bit of kinky stuff, the BDSM 101 Instructional Book By Rev. Jen is the ultimate guide and can be your stepping stone into the BDSM world. You can even check out our kink gear if you find something that might tickle your kink interest in the book.

Last but not least for the couples that want their partner to master the clit and dominate it in every possible way, the book titled Clitology is something that should be thoroughly read. The book offers advice on how your tongue, fingers and other toys can be used to give your partner the ultimate wet orgasms.  

Advantages of Sex Books and why you need them in your life

With the rise of the internet, you would think that books would see a huge decline as the information that could be found in them could also be found online, right? Well while you can read about anything on the web, it’s also full of fake articles, spam, and worst of all, disinformation. The advantages of owning a book are that you get real insight into what experts have to say on the topic.

This means that if you pay to get a certain book about a certain topic, you are definitely going to get your money's worth of information, and sometimes even more. Additionally, buying books from us will guarantee you safe shopping where your personal interests and personal information are protected. Keeping your privacy intact is our top priority. If you are impatient and want the information on demand, you might resort to finding it online, but trust when we say - there something about holding a hard copy of your kinkiest desires in your hands that will get you even more excited about further exploring them. Plus having a book to recommend to your friend or partner can always be a good conversation starter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these books written by well-known authors?

A: All of the books that we offer in our selection have been handpicked and feature some of the most praised and most knowledgeable people when it comes to sex education. If you're interested in finding out more about the author, always check at the bottom of the description, as the featured writer and his/her accomplishments will be mentioned there.

Q: Can these books really teach me and educate me about sex and sexual positions?

A: Of course they can. Reading a book will give you a profound understanding about a certain topic, and when it comes to sex it will stimulate you both visually and sensually. They will help you create a picture in your imagination, as well as explain in detailed steps what should be done at any given moment during intercourse. The more you read about sex, the better experience you can provide to both you and your partner.

Q: Do these books come with illustrations or are all of them just pure text?

A: Some do, and some don't. For many books, there will be pictures on certain techniques, toys, and positions to better explain a certain topic, but certain books will definitely be without any illustrations. Make sure to read the description of the book for further information.