Sex Toys

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Toys


Which Sex Toy is Right for Me?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, selecting your first sex toy can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be! Yes, there are tons of crazy-looking gadgets on the market but for beginners it’s best to start simple. For women, the most important thing you need to know is whether you prefer internal or external stimulation. If you’re unsure, keep in mind that only 20-30% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, so your best bet is to start with a clitoral vibrator. For men, decide if you prefer penile or prostate stimulation.

Most men prefer to start with the former, so select a simple sleeve and try a few different inexpensive kinds with different textures so you can find what you like before upgrading to a reusable stroker. If you’re a couple who wants to incorporate a toy into the bedroom, try a vibrating cock ring; or add a simple blindfold or handcuffs for an extra little something!

What Materials are Sex Toys Made From?

Sex toys are available in many materials – jelly, silicone, glass, and more. Jelly toys are made of a porous rubber that absorbs natural lubrication and is impossible to completely sterilize. This material is usually less expensive than products made with other materials, making it a good throw-away for vacations, etc.

Most modern toys are made with silicon due to its hygienic properties and its soft, luxurious quality. Silicone toys must be used with water-based lubricants only. Glass Rabbits can be heated or chilled for sensation play, and any kind of lube can be used with them. The heavier weight of the glass also provides additional pressure on the g-spot, which can make an internal orgasm more achievable.

What are the Different Types of Sex Toys?

There are a myriad of new, fancy inventions as mentioned above, but there are a few classic types of adult toys we’ll outline here. All toys mentioned will be enhanced with use of a proper lubricant.

Clitoral Vibrators

Anything meant for external stimulation. Can include bullet or egg-shaped vibrators that may or may not be attached to or wirelessly controlled by a remote control. You may also want to try a Wand. They are easy to hold and tend to be extremely powerful.


A dildo is an internal, often phallic-shaped toy that does not vibrate. Some have suction cups so they can easily be stuck to a surface (desk, shower wall, bedpost) to be used. Another common use is as an attachment in a strap on.

Internal Vibrators

Also known as slimline vibrators, these toys vibrate or pulsate to stimulate the vagina or g-spot. G-spot toys are usually curved in order to hit the stimulate the internal portion of the clitoris, located two inches towards the back of the vaginal wall.

Dual Stimulators

Most commonly known as the “rabbit” vibrator, this toy does it all. A longer shaft stimulates the vagina or g-spot, while a softer attachment in front stimulates the clitoris. Some allow each portion of the toy to be controlled independently. There are also triple penetrators, which have an attachment for anal stimulation as well.

Cock Rings

C-rings are intended to be used to prolong an erection. Available in a wide array of materials, they should fit snugly around the base of the penis, or around the penis and scrotum, in order to prevent blood leaving the penis. Vibrating cock rings are also available with small vibrating bullets attached, meant to stimulate him and her during intercourse.


A masturbating sleeve or stroker is a piece of material meant to simulate the sense of penetration. The sleeve can be encased in a tube and is usually made of a flesh-like material with a texture inside. The most famous version is the Fleshlight, which has an exterior shaped like a realistic vulva or other body part. Some higher end versions of this toy vibrate.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are multi-functional, as they are used to treat erectile dysfunction. The pump relies on suction to blood flow towards the penis in order to maintain an erection before sexual intercourse. Many men have found that the suction is similar to oral sex and use a penis pump in order to achieve orgasm.

Prostate Toys

Often known as the “male g-spot,” prostate toys are curved devices intended for anal insertion in order to stimulate the prostate gland in men. Some men use the toys in conjunction with penile masturbation but others swear the prostate orgasm is the greatest one can achieve. Some doctors even encourage prostate massage as a means to decrease risk of prostate cancer.

Anal Toys

Everyone can enjoy anal stimulation! The most important thing to remember before using a toy anally is that it must have a wide, flared base in order to prevent muscle contractions from swallowing the toy. There are two common sorts of anal toys – anal beads and anal plugs.

Anal Beads

They can be gently inserted and pulled out to stimulate the copious nerve endings around the anus. Avoid beads with a nylon cord – these are essentially disposable as it is impossible to sanitize the absorbent fibers. Instead, look for beads that are made from glass or medical grade silicone.

Butt Plugs

They provide a sensation of fullness and are available in many materials – they are often used to ‘train’ the anus in order to prepare for anal sex but are often worn during sex for additional sensation.

How to Clean a Sex Toy?

Cleaning a sex toy is simple. Toy cleaners are specially blended body-safe cleaning agents that you can basically spray onto your toy and wipe off with a microfiber towel. All toys can be cleaned with toy cleaner. Many tcan also be cleaned with mild soap and water, and certain materials like glass and metal can be boiled to sanitize, or even ran through the dishwasher (if the rest of your household is okay with it!)

You should clean your toy after every use and before as well – if not properly stored in an anti-microbial toy box, it may attract dust and lint. Avoid sharing toys with multiple partners (unless it is stainless steel or glass, then it can be boiled.) If sharing is unavoidable, put a condom on the toy and change out when you switch partners. Similarly, don’t switch orifices without a proper cleaning or protection in between.

Important Things to Remember About Adult Toys

For best use, there are a few things you should consider.

Check the Label before Bringing Your Sex Toy into the Bathtub

Higher end products are waterproof and are made to be used underwater, but others are only “splash-proof,” meaning that it’s okay if they get wet but once fully submerged may malfunction.

Buying Battery-powered vs. Re-chargeable

Battery powered toys are fine for a quick fix but tend to wear more quickly. These toys tend to have 30-day warranties, if any; while higher end quality items usually have at least a one-year warranty. Re-chargeable toys maintain their power, plus, they’re more environmentally friendly!

Use the Right Lube

Avoid using silicone lube with silicone toys. Over prolonged periods of time, mixing liquid and solid silicone can cause warping, compromising the quality of the material. Water-based lube is great for any toy. There are lubes made especially for toy use – they tend to have a thicker viscosity so they aren’t absorbed into the skin as quickly, and they stick to the toy instead of sliding off as with more liquid-y lubes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Occasionally people will purchase a toy that doesn’t reach their expectations. Instead of discarding the it immediately, give it a few tries. A few reviewers have reported that some more new-fangled toys require a precise technique in order to get expected results – one user found that she was unable to hold a suction toy a certain way but when she showed her partner, they were able to use it on her during sex flawlessly. Another user reports buying a g-spot toy but after discovering she wasn’t able to achieve an orgasm internally, she began using it clitorally and now claims it’s her go-to bedside staple. Give your new toys a chance.