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10 Tips For A Sizzling Sex Life

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When it comes to great sex, creativity is everything. Sure, you can have GOOD sex but just mastering the standards, but GREAT sex takes confidence, a fantastic connection with your play partner and a hefty dose of filthy, original thinking.

The best artists take inspiration from the world around them – and so should you. Take the kitchen, for instance. Look around you; how many things can you see that could be used to tantalize your lover? Sure, that spatula could be used to administer a serious spanking. Sure, that ice could be used to engage in some fabulous sensation play.

But think harder.

What about those clothespins? Couldn’t you run a string through them, attach them to various parts of the body then tear them off in one swift movement? And that wooden spoon – could it not be flipped around, the handle covered with a condom, then slipped handle-first inside your lover, with her having to keep it in there as long as she can to receive a special treat?

It’s ideas like these that will take your kinky sex from good to phenomenal and keep you both striving for more.

But don’t restrict your creativity to toys and pervertibles. Inject your own brand of filthy imagination into the things you’ve done a hundred times or more. Even changing things just slightly can electrify a fairly vanilla act. Use words you’ve never used before. Take things more slowly than you usually do. Take risks and perform acts in new places, at new times, and even with new people.

And don’t forget; a finger in the ass can work wonders.


Morph’s Top Ten Tips for a Sizzling Sex Life

1. Use chopsticks with an elastic band on the ends to make improvised nipple clamps. Simple, but more than effective.

2. Take your partner to dinner with friends – but make sure he or she has their butt plug in. Knowing it’s in there will keep you both hot and bothered throughout the entire meal.

3. Next time your partner is tied up, pretend you’re going to sit on his face – but instead, stay just a few inches away from him, so he can see you but not touch. Play with yourself to drive him crazy – and don’t let him cum until you say so.

4. Cut up some fresh ginger and let the juices stay on your fingers for some spicy foreplay!

5. If you want to go even further, shape a piece of fresh ginger into a butt plug and, using lots of lube, treat your partner to a tingly, tasty experience! Just make sure it has a wide base so you can get it out without a slightly embarrassing trip to the hospital.

6. Next time you’re filling your ice cube tray, run a piece of cord through it. Hey presto: Ice cold anal beads.

7. If your partner likes anal sex, keep a vibrator or dildo nearby and when you’re inside her ass, push it slowly inside her vagina for a gorgeous double penetration.

8. When spanking your partner, cup your palm for a change from a flat-palmed smack.

9. Pull down gently on your partner’s balls just when he’s about to cum. It’ll keep him just on the brink until you’re ready for him to finish.

10. Push a pair of ice cubes into your partner and then take her for a walk so she can feel them melting and dripping down her legs in public.