Travel Sex Tips

Travel Sex Tips

Whether you’re flying solo or enjoying a second honeymoon, why not make your summer vacation sexy? Read on for HUSTLER Hollywood’s top travel sex tips and flight-friendly picks for making sure your itinerary is sizzling hot.

Everyone has a friend of a friend who was mortified at the airport when they were pulled aside due to a mysterious buzz in their luggage, only to have a TSA agent pull out a giant veiny dildo for the entire world to see. To avoid the aforementioned situation of sex toys actually turning on inside your luggage, many toys now have travel locks! So you never need to fear the toy going off in transit, ensuring that it will be ready to go at full power when you arrive at your destination.

Luxury brands like Lelo, Fun Factory, and Jopen all have toys that allow you to disable the device until you press a precise combination of button patterns (pictured is a thrusting, pulsating vibrator from Fun Factory.) If you want to bring a different toy, you can simply remove the batteries.  The best bet is to pack in your checked baggage, but if you must carry on and the TSA inquires about your electronic device – just be honest! You won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last.

Another couple notes to beware of – the TSA doesn’t allow any “hand tools” longer than 7 inches so you might want to pack your XL dildos in your carry-on. Put your toys in a plastic bag so that TSA agents don’t manhandle them. Certain countries do have bans on sex toys so google before you fly. Having sex in airport and airplane bathrooms is illegal (don’t think masturbation is though!) And of course, don’t leave home without any of the following travel essentials.

Jo Classic Hybrid Lubricant

Never go anywhere without a travel size bottle of lube! We’ve used our travel lube for a myriad of situations- to weigh down frizzy hair in Miami, to make a Burlesque performer’s latex catsuit shiny in Amsterdam, and of course, for the unexpected after-dinner guest you meet at your hotel bar…


We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango is the perfect toy for the girl on the go. It’s small, discreet and  even shaped like lipstick –you can pack it in your makeup bag! It also has a tiny magnetic charger that you can attach to any normal USB charger, minimizing the clutter of wires that can take up space in your carry-on.


Fleshlight Flight

The original Fleshlight is not exactly the most discreet thing. Yes, it is disguised as a flashlight and you probably wouldn’t think twice if you saw it in your dad’s toolbox, but it is large and difficult to transport. The Fleshlight Flight has the same realistic-feeling pleasure canals, but it’s much more lightweight and easy to handle.


SportSheets Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit

Honestly… you never know where you’re going to end up on vacation. Hopefully if you do find yourself in handcuffs, it’s very much your idea. These restraints are soft and so easy to fold up and stash in your suitcase- and the blindfold doubles as an eyemask for those long flights so you can catch a few Zzzs!

sport sheets Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit

Screaming O Plus Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring 

We usually suggest going with a higher-end toy that will last you a while, but sometimes on vacation you just want something you can grab and go. Screaming O cock rings are effective and disposable. Bring a handful and wear those batteries out!

screaming o plus disposable

Nipple Clamps

Toss these beauties in your makeup bag or store with your jewelry – you never know what kind of kinky thing you’ll get into when you’re having an adventure!


Before and After Care

How many times have you left the house for a “quick drink” thinking you’d come home early and get a good nights’ rest… only to find yourself stumbling in after the sun rises, full of weird feelings and also cum? Take a page from the Scouts. Be prepared and protect yourself.