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    For some women, the g-spot can be the key to pleasurable penetration, but it can be difficult to hit it just right. With the HUSTLER® Hollywood collection of G-spot vibrators, you can find the right toy for the job, whether you’re going at it alone or with a partner.

    What Is the G-Spot?

    What a prostate is to men, the G-spot is to women. The G-spot is an area located inside the vagina, about 1.5-2 inches inside and toward the front. For some women, hitting this spot induces maximum pleasure during penetration, but it can be very difficult to find. There’s not a lot of guidance available when you’re just using your fingers or a penis, and just searching around inside can be awkward and even painful for some women. That’s why so many people turn to G-spot vibrators, which are often created to target that spot automatically.

    How. . .