For Her

Deep down, we all have a naughty side waiting to be embraced. While some ladies have no problem in letting their wild fantasies loose, others need a little more incentive before they fully explore their sexual needs. At HUSTLER Hollywood, we want to provide women with the tools that will help them claim their desires and let their sexual energy flow through their entire body. The gift of orgasm is something we should embrace as often as possible, and with the best sex toys for women, we can even intensify that gift, and elevate our sexual experience to new heights.

We carry a wide selection of sex toys for ladies with different excitement and penetration preferences. Our selection of Vibrators, Dildos, and other fun toy gear will assure you are reaching your orgasm (or multiple) with every use. Whether you're looking to make your solo session better or you want to spice things up with your partner - Ladies Welcome to HUSTLER Hollywood for the right sex toy for you.

If you're a guy who’s really eager to satisfy your woman, but you've been struggling to do so, there is no shame in turning to pleasure devices for assistance. It's just a matter of finding the best sex toy that will satisfy her needs.

We sorted all the items that might interest you into categories, so take a look at the best sex toys for her.

What do we offer?

Women are extremely particular when it comes to what turns them on. While some don't like to experiment too much, it doesn't mean they are not vivid in the bedroom. On the contrary, these ladies know exactly what they want and don't need additional gimmicks to reach climax.

The ideal sex toy for the aforementioned ladies is a simple yet reliable classic vibrator. These all-around, versatile performers are always up to the task and will deliver the same, excellent results every time. Probably the most prominent of them all is the Hitachi Magic Wand Original Massager. This iconic model has been around longer than we can remember and has yet to be surpassed.

For busy women who pack light and rack up those frequent flyer miles, a toy from our collection of bullet vibrators is just the perfect travel companion. These little pleasure devices will come in handy wherever you may be; you can even use them at the airport if that's something you are into. With the Screaming O Secret Lipstick Vibrator, discretion is guaranteed.

Over the years, our sexual appetites have changed, and some of us started demanding more from sex toy manufacturers. Luckily, technological advancements affected the sex industry just like any other, so today we have devices such as rabbit vibrators that are cleverly designed to satisfy even the most demanding ladies. Once you try them out, you'll quickly notice why they are the top rated sex toys for women. One of our newest models is the California Exotics Wild Orgasm French Kiss Triple Stim Vibrator. This funky looking vibrator will drive both your clit and your tunnel of love absolutely crazy.

Not a fan of vibrators? Check out our substantial collection of dildos and anal toys; we always have the best deals around for these exciting female adult toys. The only thing that’s standing in the way of achieving mind-blowing orgasms every night is a Ruse By Blush Novelties Juicy Suction Cup Dildo.

Yet, it's not all about using toys to reach orgasm, is it? If you want to achieve that ultimate state of pleasure, you need to feel comfortable and be confident. That's why our collection of premium sexy lingerie will help you feel like the diva you genuinely are and allow you to fully indulge in all your desires. We offer everything from luxurious babydolls and matching panties, to salacious bedroom costumes that will fuel your partner's and your own imagination.

We know how much ladies love taking care of their bodies and always smelling like a thousand roses -- our Bath & Body category is full of amazing products created with that in mind. Tropical bubble baths, shave creams, and many more await you in our online store.

Advantages Of Our Products For Her

While we’ve already covered why owning adult female sex toys is a must if you want to improve your sex life and your overall well-being, the question you might ask is - why shop at HUSTLER Hollywood?

The answer is quite simple; our name has always been about boldness, pushing boundaries, exploring sexuality, and standing proudly at the forefront of the sex industry. This is something we established at the very beginning of our journey, long before our brand became what it is today. This means that our loyal customers could always count on us to provide them with the best items to help them sexually express themselves without compromising the quality.

Even if you're on a tight budget and are shopping exclusively for affordable sex toys for women, you can still expect to have a stellar experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What female sex toys are ideal for beginners?

A: While this is a tough question to answer without having more insight into what turns you on, we recommend that our novice customers take a look at something more classic and simple. Classic vibrators and dildos are known for their versatility and are great general-purpose items.

Q: Is it safe to use sex toys in the shower?

A: You might think that since vibrators are electrical devices, they are not fit for kinky action in the shower. While this is true to a certain extent, we also offer vibrators that are waterproof and perfectly safe to use while soaking in a tub. We highly advise you to check the detailed description of every product before you make your purchase.

Q: Do you also offer plus size lingerie?

A: Yes, you'll find that some of the undergarments in our collections come in plus size as well. If you're curious about finding out which size is perfect for you, please refer to our size chart for more information.