Blindfolds & Gags

Not so long ago, having a fetish was frown upon by the public, so most people that were into kinky stuff were very secretive about it. Even when it came to sharing their intimacy with their partner, they would keep their deepest desires to themselves. However, thanks to mainstream media making certain BDSM sexual practices popular, there has been a shift in the public's opinion. Suddenly, everyone started picking up masks and whips while exploring fantasies that they kept hidden away deep down.

If you've been going through the same kind of struggle or you're just curious to find out how it feels to experience a power exchange, HUSTLER Hollywood is here to assist you in your endeavor by equipping you with the right tools. A good place to start is blindfold & gags. They offer just enough tease without diving too much into hardcore territory. Here's what we prepared for you.

What do we offer?

As far as starter items go, blindfold & gags are a perfect choice and will keep you entertained for a long time. Even more experienced BDSM practitioners go back to using them as often as possible. Think of them as a gateway to tantalizing fantasies and desires. There's a certain element of surprise to them, and an undeniable tease that will heighten your senses guaranteed. They are an ideal and safe way to learn the ropes and get familiar with the basic BDSM rules of consent.

So for instance, the Sex & Mischief By SportSheets Our First Bondage Kit is a great choice with a lot of advantages. It's no wonder that it is one of the most used items for couples that want to start tying each other up and having a lustful night by the candlelight. The kit offers four soft and comfortable cuffs with tethers, coupled with one soft blindfold that can fit any head type. If you are someone who's been into this kind of sexual practice but your partner has never tried it before, don't keep your desires a secret. Instead get this starter kit and have them experience the satisfaction of bondage and blindfolds that you have been familiar with for a long time.

Or maybe you are more focused on the gaging part and you would like your partner to participate in a full-blown gag-sex play. While enjoyment and pleasure come first, you also want your partner to feel safe and comfortable so you'll be needing something that offers both. Introducing the Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training Kit which guarantees comfort for every user, even the non-experienced one. The kit has three interchangeable mouth balls that have holes in them to assure easy breathing. The strap on the back of the head ensures that a tight fit can be achieved with maximum comfort. This is easily our favorite product and one we would recommend for both apprentice and intermediate users.

Another sexy and fun game that can be played in bed is where the head of one of the participants is completely covered in the fabric, while only the mouth is open, waiting for a surprise. The Fetish Fantasy Open Mouth Hood is designed to leave your partner feeling helpless due to being unable to see, while also triggering every other possible sensation. It is said that once we give up our sight during sex, other senses sharpen and we feel the touch of our partners even more profoundly than ever before. Who wouldn't want to experience something like that?

Advantages of Blindfold & Gags and Similarities with other products

As is the case with any product we offer, blindfold & gags have their own unique advantages, while still holding some similarities with other products that can be used to spice up your sex life. For instance, if we look at it from a pure sex perspective, using blindfolds & gags can introduce a whole new level of tease that is bound to push the amount of excitement through the roof. Use them in a combination with wand vibrators and you and your partner are in for a steaming hot session that can last for hours.

Another great thing about these items is how they affect your personal bond with your partner. Similar to how sex swings build trust by being completely suspended in the air and giving over your entire body to your beloved, blindfold & gags operate on the same kind of principle and strengthen the connection between you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How safe is BDSM sex?

A: With the influx of people getting into kinky sexual practices thanks to certain books and movies becoming immensely popular, a number of questions arose regarding the safety of such sexual acts. As long as you and your partner have a safe word and follow the basic rules of consensual power exchange, you'll be perfectly fine. Another great thing to consider is discussing your soft and hard limits beforehand. If you're starting out with blindfold & gags, there is really nothing to worry about since there is no pain involved.

Q: What kind of ball gags are the best for first timers?

A: As a beginner in the gagging sexual fantasies, one should focus on his own comfort as well as the comfort of his partner. The best gag balls are the ones that can easily be removed, that don't have sharp clamps on the back, and the ones that provide a full air flow to the user unless you want them to have a much rougher experience. In that case, you will want to do the complete opposite.

Q: Will blindfolds really enhance my other senses during sex?

A: Yes, and that's a scientific fact. Most people that get cut off from one sense tend to rely on the remaining ones for better coordination. Cutting off somebody's vision in bed puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to sight, but when it comes to the sense of touch, their experience is much richer and more vibrant. People that participate in blindfolded sex acts usually have a different experience when it comes to sex even though it's with the same partner.