Massage Oils & Candles

When two people want to get down and dirty, nothing gets the juices flowing like an erotic massage. An erotic massage is nothing like your regular massage. To successfully pull one off, you'll need to adjust your technique and pay special attention to areas of heightened sensitivity, but more than anything, you will need massage oils. By using oils you will mitigate skin friction, increase body temperature, and assure that every touch produces an ecstatic sensation. While you can use almost any type of oil, we recommend sticking to specially formulated products that guarantee the best results. These products are great for aromatherapy and contain sensual fragrances that will help your partner relax. Additionally, you can use scented candles to complete the relaxing vibe you were going for. Candles will undoubtedly help you create the perfect atmosphere for many intimate moments. For all your massage equipment needs, head on over to our specially dedicated category and check out what we offer.

What do we offer?

When it comes to helping you achieve tranquility and relieve stress, nothing can compare to a good massage. This is also the case when you and your partner want to get into the groove for a memorable night of fun. Using special oils and scented candles will help you set the tone and kick things off. You will find that we offer an abundant amount of products to choose from so that you can try out all kinds of oils and fragrances.

 The Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil is one of our most popular products and there are several reasons for that. The unique formula used in concocting this love liquid is toxin-free, edible, and vegan. That alone makes it a great choice if you're looking for a product that can be used both for a massage and as a way to add some flavor to a hot oral sex session. The taste of strawberry will further enhance the already amazing atmosphere, as the sweet smell fills the air in the bedroom.

If that's not enough for you, consider adding a scented candle to the mix. There is no better candle for such an occasion than the Dona By Jo Kissable Soy Massage Candle. This special candle is pheromone infused so the fragrance it releases will act as an aphrodisiac, assuring that the massage is just the entree and that the main dish is what follows. Our favorite flavor is chocolate mousse and it blends perfectly with the previously mentioned strawberry oil.

For the most avid practitioners of erotic massages, we've prepared the Kama Sutra Massage Oil Tranquility Kit. This massage kit contains 5 unique scents that will blow you away. The formula is a secret but we'll let you in on it. It contains essential oils and vitamin E for a silky-smooth experience. If you are planning a vacation for two, don't forget to pack your massage kit and take it with you. The bottles are travel-friendly so airport security won't bother you.

If you're interested in something different, try the Sizzle Lips Warming Pina Colada Apple Edible Gel By Sensuva. It's a massage lotion but with a sexy twist. Once you apply the lotion to your partner's most sensitive area, you can blow on it for an added heating effect. The more you blow and rub the area, the hotter it gets. Now that’s a way to raise the temperature through the roof. The lotion is also edible, so it allows you to get creative and lick it all off after the massage is done.

Advantages of Massage Oils & Candles and why you should use them

While some people like using all kinds of sex toys to spice things up, the bottom line is that erotic massages are the most popular form of foreplay. However, without creating the right setting and using the right products, you'll end up with lackluster results. Thankfully, the oils we offer can be used in a wide range of massages, and not only that. Use them to make your massages extra sensual, and when things finally heat up, continue using the oils as a sex lubricant. Additionally, the scent they carry will put you and your partner right in the mood for a little bit of fun.

Speaking of scent, if you're really passionate about fragrances, add a couple of special candles to you love chambers. Fill up your entire room with pheromones, grab a sexy blindfold, and drive your partner crazy. The scented candles can even be used to fill your home with your favorite smell that will linger on for days. The combination of massage oils and scented candles is perfect to help loosen up people who are shy or tense. Light up a lavender candle and watch it work its magic, as you slowly warm up the body of your partner with a strawberry flavored massage oil. After a long week, that's exactly what they need to wind down and unleash the passion within. When you take care of them, they'll make sure to take care of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all massage oils edible?

A: Not all of them are, so make sure to check the box and description of every product before you buy it. Most oils won't cause big problems if you ingest them, however, the oils that are edible will leave a much better taste and feeling inside your mouth. Some are even vegan-friendly so everyone can enjoy them.

Q: Can these oils cause an allergic reaction?

A: Most oils are made from natural organic ingredients and there is little-to-no reports of allergic reactions. That being said, it is advisable to avoid tasting certain massage oils if you are allergic to a certain fruit or plant that is found in the formula. Luckily there are hundreds of different flavors so you can always find something that you can enjoy while keeping in mind your own health.

Q: Are they safe to use with my sex toys?

A: Absolutely! An erotic massage can serve as in introduction to your foreplay. Once the juices start flowing, pull out your favorite dildo or vibrator and get the party started.