Men's Underwear

Guys are not exempt from our lingerie offers! Get ready to show off your abs or belly of steel in the most luxurious lingerie for men this season. At HUSTLER Hollywood, you’ll find an extensive collection of intimates must-haves for a passionate evening in the bedroom. Peruse our selection of male lingerie, which includes briefs, thongs, boxers, costumes, and more. Fashion can effectively boost sex appeal, so suit up in our sexy inexpensive unmentionables and go from basic heartthrob to the hottest guy in town here at HUSTLER Hollywood.

Men are no strangers to your regular cotton underwear but have you been thinking of turning things up a notch? There are a plethora of material options on our website to suit your bedroom needs and treat your lady with some eye candy. Some men enjoy the feel of a thong, g-string or even bikini, and with a well-sculpted body to relish the look of it, you can become the king of bedroom lust.

Role-play in the boudoir has never been easier with our broad selection of costumes. We also have perfect designs to spice up any occasion, whether you want to surprise your lover or take Halloween to a whole new level. Whatever your intimate desires are, we at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to help you achieve them with style!

What do we offer?

Needless to say, boxers are the building blocks of men’s lingerie because they are the definition of comfort and, well, they look awesome. Our selection features a broad range of boxers made of stretchy fabric to envelope the skin to a perfect fit that provides proper support the entire day. If you want a more luxurious look and feel, opt for our low-rise waists that also include a comfort band and a seamless pouch.

Fellas who like to live in the lap of luxury will love our satin boxers with body-slimming features to show off every inch of their masculine frame. We offer a variety of colors of passion, including power black, steamy red, and others. We also provide sporty style with breathable mesh material and patterns that add a dash of varsity cool to the manly appearance.

At HUSTLER Hollywood, we feature a collection of sensual thongs for guys who dare-to-bare with the sexiest come-hither styles. The game of seduction requires going big and bold, and with our faux leather and open cutouts, you can give your overall look a touch of edge. Complete your ensemble with some kink - our vinyl tops will give you the physical wet look, which beautifully defines every muscle it covers.

We have men’s thongs in a range of themes and colors, such as the patriotic stars and stripes design, sexy zipper details, kinky fabric, and more. If you are feeling extra naughty, why not slip into an animal pouch thong, that humorously unleashes your flirtatious side and sets things for mischief under the sheets? Combine the underwear apparel wardrobe with some ultra-classy silk robes, and you have a recipe for becoming a sex magnet.

Men’s thongs are designed to provide immense comfort as well as wearability. When you visit your gym to get those muscles pumping and pulsing, a cotton spandex with separate compartments will help prevent chafing as you break a sweat. Athletic jockstraps not only look sexy on a well-built man but they also provide maximum performance whenever you are on the ball field. Are you ready to show what you are made of? Check out our range of designs that vary in coverage, ranging from scanty and smooth to basic and masculine.

Dudes who love to relax and take lounging to a whole new level will also love our luxurious loungewear, which includes elegant robes, comfy silk pants, and soft garments essential for the dapper gentleman. Materials with lush accents give out that shimmer, plus they are incredibly soft to the skin, taking leisure to new heights of sophistication.

Are you ready to look and feel like royalty? At HUSTLER Hollywood, your top destination for men’s underwear and accessories, we feature a broad inventory of compelling men’s lingerie at affordable prices. Bring spice to your bedroom with some of the sexiest styles of intimate undergarments and treat your lover with some man hunk.

Advantages of HUSTLER Men’s Underwear

Even though provocative garments may seem impractical at glance, most of them actually provide a huge amount of comfort. Men's underwear at HUSTLER Hollywood is designed to keep everything properly fit and cozy so it is no wonder why some fellas even rock the thong or g-string.

If you want to take things public and turn yourself into a chick magnet, try our men’s bikini offers or the so-called micro briefs. They expose the thighs while still managing to cover the buttocks, creating a dashing sexy look - perfect for guys who have sculpted bodies and are ready to go to the beach to make a statement.

Similar to the bikini, a thong offers a confined space in the front, which is connected by characteristically thin fabric strips, thus leaving the buttocks exposed. Thongs may not go up to everyone’s alley (although in some countries it is perfectly acceptable to wear them in public) but you can always fill your intimates drawer with a pair or two to get all dirty with your missus.

If you are still not impressed with the level of underwear sexiness we provide, then maybe a G-string for men will do the job just right. Usually made of spandex or nylon, our selection at HUSTLER Hollywood is designed to reveal as much skin as possible, which will leave your lover begging for more masculine lingerie action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to care for men’s lingerie?

A: It is the same as any lingerie - a mild detergent and cold water washing will do the trick. However, what you should definitely avoid doing is putting it in a hot dryer because it will result in saggy fabric and lose waistbands. Fabric softener and bleach should also be out of the picture and try not to air dry such delicate pieces of clothing in direct sunlight - it will lose its color.

Q: How to keep my underwear looking good?

A: Keeping intimates and especially lingerie in pristine condition means you have to take extra care. Be gentle when washing, folding or ironing, never mix your whites with greys, colors or off-white, and stick to low-degree gentle wash cycles to preserve the fabric. For fellas who want to go the extra mile, fold your underwear in tissue paper as it will keep things neat and unwrinkled. Also, lavender or cedar wood is a great moth deterrent when you store your sexy undergarments in the drawer.

Q: How to size myself up properly?

A: Considering that trying underwear in stores is not common practice for men, having awareness of your core size is crucial for comfort. If your lingerie is too large, you will be shifting around your seat all day, while smaller-sized intimates will cut off your circulation. Although it can seem like it boosts your package, it can pose health risks so size definitely matters